US 1903 MODEL*MFG DEC 1942*WW2 ERA* C&R 03 A


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C&R 03 LADY’S AND GENT’S WELCOMED….OR FFL 01……LET’S START OFF WITH SOME DETAIL’S…..INFO: …WW2 ALL AMERICAN SOLDIER BOY’S RIFLE….MODEL 1903 .30-06 CALIBER….IT HAS A NEW FOLLOWER AND SPRING….THE BOLT HANDLE HAS BEEN SLIGHTLY MODIFIED FUNCTIONS AS IT SHOULD , 3 POSITION , SAFETY , ON-OFF TRIGGER PULL NICE CRISP AS IT SHOULD BE…. RE-BLUE RIFLE UNLESS YOU LIKE THAT CHARACTER LOOK… SUGGEST A COMPLETE RE-BLUEING *BIRCH CASEY* KIT …IT DOES HAS A NEW SIGHT HOOD AND FRONT SIGHT INSTALLED….ONLY THING MISSING IS MILITARY REAR TANGENT SIGHT….I WOULD INSTALL REDFIELD FOR REAR SIGHT MY THOUGHT’S….SPORTER STOCK WITH A CAMO WEB RIFLE SLING…ALSO HAS AMPLE RIFLING LANDS AND GROOVES…SEMI-FROSTY…BUT VERY MUCH A SHOOTABLE BORE….*SCOPE OUT PICTURES*….BARREL IS STAMPED 12-42…..REMINGTON ARMS…WITH THE BOMB…*KA-POW*…AMERICAN HISTORY VINTAGE (GOTTA LOVE IT)….*USA BABY*….PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PICTURES THERE IS PLENTY….GREAT DEER OR ELK RIFLE….AND HISTORIC WW2 AMERICAN CLASSIC….. This original early WWII Remington Arms Model 1903 rifle was produced in Dec 1942. Remington Arms started manufacturing these early 1903s rifle in May 1941 for Great Britain using the old tooling and machinery from Rock Island Arsenal. After Pearl Harbor, they were held at Remington and issued to both USMC and Army units heading into the Pacific Theatre where they saw extensive use. This example is termed a 1903 (Modified) model because it used various wartime manufacturing improvements or shortcuts to speed up production. The barrel is stamped “RA/Ordnance Bomb/12-42”. The receiver is marked: “REMINGTON MODEL/1903/3314190”. It has its original early “milled” Remington “R” ,with their original early WW2 Remington smooth body bolt, cocking knob, sear, trigger, cutoff complete . Survival rate of these early WWII rifle is extremely low…SHIPPING IS $30.00 LOWER 48 STATES…PLEASE KNOW YOUR LOCAL STATE AND LAWS…ASK ANY QUESTION’S ??? WE ARE HERE TO HELP…MITCHELLFIREARMS

Barrel Length
24 inch
Mfg Part Number
1903 REMINGTON WW2 12-42
9.00 Pounds


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