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• Folding Precision-Style Stock
• 1-Piece receiver for increased accuracy
• 5-round polymer magazine included

Designed and built from the ground up at the SIG SAUER research and development facilities, the CROSS rifle was created to meet the demands of both precision long-range shooting and extreme backcountry hunting.

Calibre Barrel
of Twist
18″ 38-1/2″ 5 1 in 8″ 6.8 lb.
16″ 36-1/2″ 5 1 in 8″ 6-1/2 lb


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Title: Explore the Versatile SIG Cross canada in Canada – Unleash Your Outdoor Adventures

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Meta Description: Discover the SIG Cross canada rifle in Canada, a versatile and reliable firearm designed for outdoor enthusiasts. From hunting to precision shooting, the SIG Cross canada delivers exceptional performance in diverse environments. Learn more about this exceptional rifle and how it can elevate your outdoor experiences across Canada.


Are you an outdoor enthusiast in Canada seeking a high-performance rifle that can handle various shooting disciplines? Look no further than the SIG Cross canada. Engineered with precision and versatility in mind, the SIG Cross canada is a game-changer for hunters, precision shooters, and adventurers across Canada. This SEO content will provide an overview of the SIG Cross canada, highlighting its exceptional features, applications, and why it’s a must-have firearm for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Versatility:

The SIG Cross canada is renowned for its exceptional versatility, making it an ideal companion for a wide range of outdoor activities in Canada. Whether you’re hunting big game in the rugged wilderness, engaging in precision shooting competitions, or exploring the vast landscapes of Canada, the SIG Cross canada is designed to excel.

Superior Design and Construction:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the SIG Cross canada boasts a lightweight, folding precision stock that enhances portability without compromising accuracy. Its adjustable cheek piece and length of pull ensure a comfortable fit for shooters of all sizes. The rifle’s stainless-steel barrel delivers exceptional accuracy and durability, while the fully adjustable trigger guarantees a crisp and clean break shot after shot. With a modular design allowing for easy caliber conversions, the SIG Cross offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific shooting requirements.

Unmatched Performance:

The SIG Cross canada leverages innovative engineering and advanced materials to deliver outstanding performance. Its unique recoil reduction system significantly mitigates recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots and increased accuracy. The rifle’s free-floating handguard provides ample real estate for accessories such as optics, lights, and bipods, enabling customization to suit your shooting style. Whether you’re taking long-range shots or navigating challenging terrains, the SIG Cross offers exceptional reliability and precision, empowering you to push your shooting boundaries.

Canadian Wilderness Ready:

Canada’s diverse landscapes demand a rifle capable of tackling a variety of environmental conditions. The SIG Cross canada rises to the challenge with its corrosion-resistant construction and reliable operation, even in harsh climates. From the snow-capped mountains of British Columbia to the dense forests of Ontario, the SIG Cross is built to withstand the rigors of Canadian wilderness. Rain or shine, this rifle will deliver consistent performance, empowering you to pursue your outdoor passions in any weather.


For Canadian outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile, reliable, and high-performance rifle, the SIG Cross canada is the ultimate choice. With its exceptional design, unmatched performance, and adaptability, the SIG Cross will elevate your outdoor experiences across the diverse landscapes of Canada. Whether you’re an avid hunter, precision shooter, or simply love exploring the great outdoors, the SIG Cross is ready to accompany you on your adventures. Embrace the power of the SIG Cross and unlock new possibilities in your Canadian outdoor pursuits.

sig cross canada specifications

  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel Length: 18″
  • Magazine: 5-Round AICS
  • Action: Bolt Action
  • Stock: SIG Precision Stock
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Trigger Type: 2-Stage Match
  • Twist Rate: 1:8″
  • Forend Type: Alloy
  • Grip Type: Polymer
  • Receiver Finish: Black Anodized
  • Overall Length: 38.5″
  • Overall Width: 2.9″
  • Height: 8″
  • Threads: 5/8 in – 24 tpi
  • Accessory Rail: M-LOK
  • Operating System: Bolt-Action
  • Weight: 6.5 lb (2.94 kg)

sig cross canada Features:

  • Under 6.5 lbs, the lightest, most portable rifle in its class (up to 40% lighter).
  • Folding Precision-Style Stock.
  • 1-Piece receiver for increased accuracy.
  • 6.5 Creedmoor with an 18″ barrel (collapsible to 27″).
  • AICS magazine compatible.
  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.

advantages of sig cross canada

The SIG Cross canada rifle offers numerous advantages for outdoor enthusiasts in Canada. Here are some key advantages of the SIG Cross:

1. Versatility: The SIG Cross canada is a highly versatile rifle that excels in various shooting disciplines. Whether you’re hunting, participating in precision shooting competitions, or engaging in recreational shooting, the SIG Cross can adapt to meet your needs. Its modular design allows for easy caliber conversions, enabling you to switch between different cartridges for different shooting applications.

2. Lightweight and Portable: The SIG Cross features a lightweight design, making it easy to carry and maneuver in the field. The folding precision stock enhances portability, allowing you to transport the rifle conveniently during outdoor activities. This lightweight construction is particularly advantageous for hunters who may cover long distances or need to navigate challenging terrains.

3. Accuracy and Precision: The SIG Cross is engineered for exceptional accuracy and precision. Its stainless-steel barrel and free-floating handguard contribute to improved accuracy by minimizing vibrations and providing a stable platform for shooting. The fully adjustable trigger ensures a clean and consistent break, enhancing shot placement and overall shooting performance.

4. Recoil Reduction: With its unique recoil reduction system, the SIG Cross mitigates recoil and muzzle rise, enabling faster follow-up shots and improved target acquisition. This feature is beneficial for both hunting and precision shooting, allowing shooters to maintain better control and accuracy during rapid-fire scenarios.

5. Customization Options: The SIG Cross offers customization options to suit individual preferences and shooting styles. The rifle’s free-floating handguard provides ample space for adding accessories such as optics, lights, and bipods. This flexibility allows shooters to tailor the rifle to their specific needs, enhancing shooting comfort and performance.

6. Durability and Reliability: Built with durability in mind, the SIG Cross is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its corrosion-resistant construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging weather conditions. This reliability is particularly crucial for Canadian shooters who may encounter diverse environments and climates throughout the country.

7. Ergonomics and Comfort: The SIG Cross is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable shooting experience. The adjustable cheek piece and length of pull allow shooters to customize the rifle’s fit, ensuring proper alignment with the shooter’s body and reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

8. Safety Features: SIG Sauer prioritizes safety in their firearms, and the SIG Cross is no exception. The rifle incorporates various safety features, such as a safety selector switch, ensuring safe handling and operation.

In summary, the SIG Cross offers versatility, lightweight portability, exceptional accuracy, recoil reduction, customization options, durability, ergonomic design, and safety features. These advantages make the SIG Cross an excellent choice for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are hunters, precision shooters, or simply individuals who enjoy exploring and engaging in outdoor shooting activities.

disadvantages of sig cross canada

The SIG Cross rifle is a relatively new firearm, and as such, it’s important to note that the specific disadvantages may vary based on individual preferences and experiences. However, here are some potential considerations that have been reported by users and reviewers:
1. Weight: The SIG Cross rifle has been criticized for its weight. It is a lightweight precision rifle compared to some other models, but it still may be heavier than desired for certain applications or individuals who prioritize a lighter weight for portability or extended use.
2. Barrel Length: The Cross rifle has a relatively short barrel length compared to some other precision rifles. While this can contribute to better maneuverability, it may result in slightly reduced muzzle velocity and potentially affect long-range accuracy.
3. Price: The SIG Cross is positioned as a premium rifle, and therefore its price point may be higher compared to some other rifles in its class. This can make it less accessible for budget-conscious buyers.
4. Limited Caliber Options: At the time of its release, the SIG Cross was initially available in only a few calibers, such as .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor. This limited caliber selection might be a disadvantage for individuals who prefer or require other calibers for specific purposes.
5. Limited Aftermarket Support: As a relatively new rifle, the SIG Cross may have a more limited selection of aftermarket accessories and customization options compared to more established platforms. This could affect the ability to personalize the rifle to specific needs or preferences.
6. Ergonomics: While ergonomic preferences can vary among individuals, some users have reported issues with the ergonomics of the SIG Cross, including the shape and positioning of the grip and the length of pull. It is important to handle and shoulder the rifle to assess personal comfort before purchasing.

sig cross canada ergonomics

The SIG Cross is a precision bolt-action rifle designed with ergonomics in mind, offering several features that enhance its comfort and ease of use for shooters in Canada. Here are some key aspects of its ergonomics:

1. Adjustable Length of Pull: The SIG Cross features an adjustable length of pull, allowing shooters to customize the rifle’s fit to their specific body size and shooting preferences. This feature accommodates different shooting positions and ensures a comfortable and natural shooting posture.

2. Adjustable Comb Height: The rifle’s comb height can be adjusted to provide optimal cheek weld and eye alignment with the optic or sights. This adjustment helps to achieve a consistent sight picture and enhances shooter comfort and accuracy.

3. Ergonomic Pistol Grip: The SIG Cross is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip that is designed to fit comfortably in the shooter’s hand. The grip angle promotes a natural and relaxed shooting position, reducing muscle strain and enhancing control over the rifle.

4. Smooth Bolt Operation: The Cross features a smooth and easy-to-operate bolt, allowing for quick and efficient cycling of the action. The bolt handle is designed to be easily reachable and provides a positive grip for smooth and reliable operation.

5. Adjustable Trigger: The rifle is equipped with an adjustable trigger, allowing shooters to fine-tune the trigger pull weight and take-up to their preference. A crisp and consistent trigger pull enhances accuracy and enables shooters to achieve precise shots.

6. Lightweight and Balanced Design: The SIG Cross is built with a lightweight and balanced design, making it easy to carry and handle in various shooting situations. The weight distribution is optimized for stability and maneuverability, contributing to shooter comfort and control.

7. M-Lok Handguard: The rifle features an M-Lok-compatible handguard, providing a modular and customizable platform for attaching accessories such as bipods, sling mounts, or rail-mounted accessories. This allows shooters to personalize the rifle and optimize their shooting setup.

8. Folding Stock: The SIG Cross has a folding stock, which enhances its portability and compactness. The folding stock makes it easier to transport and store the rifle, and it also allows for easier maneuvering in tight spaces or when transitioning between shooting positions.

The SIG Cross’s ergonomic design elements are intended to provide shooters in Canada with a comfortable and user-friendly shooting experience, facilitating accurate and controlled shooting in various conditions.

sig cross canada design

The SIG Cross canada is a precision bolt-action rifle that features a unique and purposeful design. Here are some key aspects of its design as it relates to shooters in Canada:

1. Lightweight Construction: The SIG Cross is built with a lightweight construction, utilizing a strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy chassis. This design choice makes it easier to carry and handle the rifle, particularly in situations that involve extended periods of carrying or shooting in rugged terrain.

2. Folding Stock: One of the notable design features of the SIG Cross is its folding stock. This allows the rifle to be folded to a more compact size, making it convenient for storage, transport, and maneuvering in tight spaces. The folding stock also enables the rifle to be quickly deployed or stowed when needed.

3. Adjustable Comb Height and Length of Pull: The rifle’s design includes an adjustable comb height and length of pull. This allows shooters to customize the fit of the rifle to their individual preferences, ensuring proper eye alignment with the optic or sights and a comfortable shooting position. The adjustability enhances shooter comfort and can contribute to improved accuracy.

4. Interchangeable Barrel System: The SIG Cross utilizes an interchangeable barrel system, allowing shooters to easily swap barrels to accommodate different calibers or shooting needs. This design feature provides versatility and adaptability, allowing shooters to configure the rifle for various shooting applications, such as hunting or long-range precision shooting.

5. M-Lok Handguard: The rifle features an M-Lok-compatible handguard, which provides a modular and customizable platform for attaching accessories. Shooters can easily mount accessories such as bipods, sling mounts, or rail-mounted accessories to enhance the rifle’s functionality and adapt it to their specific shooting requirements.

6. Side-Folding Bolt Handle: The SIG Cross incorporates a side-folding bolt handle design. This design allows for a streamlined profile when the bolt handle is folded, further enhancing the rifle’s compactness and ease of transport. The side-folding bolt handle also provides smooth and efficient bolt operation.

7. Adjustable Trigger: The rifle is equipped with an adjustable trigger, allowing shooters to customize the trigger pull weight and take-up to their preference. This design feature enables shooters to achieve a crisp and consistent trigger pull, enhancing accuracy and shot control.

The SIG Cross’s design combines functionality, versatility, and user-friendly features to meet the needs of shooters in Canada. Its lightweight construction, folding stock, adjustable features, and modular compatibility make it well-suited for various shooting applications, including hunting, precision shooting, and long-range shooting.

faqs on sig cross canada

Here are some frequently asked questions about the SIG Cross canada in Canada:

Q1: Is the SIG Cross available for purchase in Canada?
A1: Yes, the SIG Cross is available for purchase in Canada through authorized firearms dealers or retailers. Availability may vary, so it’s recommended to check with local firearms stores or online platforms that specialize in firearms sales.

Q2: What calibers are available for the SIG Cross in Canada?
A2: The SIG Cross is offered in various calibers, including popular options like .308 Winchester and 6.5mm Creedmoor. The availability of specific calibers may vary depending on the retailer and current stock.

Q3: Is the SIG Cross legal in Canada?
A3: Yes, the SIG Cross is legal in Canada. It is classified as a non-restricted firearm, which means it can be transported and used in areas where non-restricted firearms are permitted, such as Crown land and private property.

Q4: Can the SIG Cross be used for hunting in Canada?
A4: Yes, the SIG Cross can be used for hunting in Canada, provided it is used in accordance with local hunting regulations and restrictions. It is particularly suitable for precision shooting and hunting applications where accuracy and range are important factors.

Q5: Does the SIG Cross have an adjustable trigger?
A5: Yes, the SIG Cross is equipped with an adjustable trigger. Shooters can adjust the trigger pull weight and take-up to suit their preferences, helping to achieve a crisp and consistent trigger pull for improved accuracy.

Q6: Can the SIG Cross be disassembled for easier transport?
A6: Yes, the SIG Cross features a folding stock, which allows for easier transport and storage. The folding stock reduces the overall length of the rifle and makes it more compact for transportation in cases or backpacks.

Q7: Are spare barrels available for the SIG Cross in Canada?
A7: Yes, spare barrels for the SIG Cross are available. The rifle utilizes an interchangeable barrel system, allowing shooters to easily swap barrels to accommodate different calibers or shooting needs. Spare barrels can be purchased separately and installed by the user.

Q8: What accessories are compatible with the SIG Cross?
A8: The SIG Cross features an M-Lok handguard, which is compatible with a wide range of M-Lok accessories, such as bipods, sling mounts, or rail-mounted accessories. Shooters can customize the rifle with accessories to suit their shooting preferences and requirements.

Remember to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements when purchasing, owning, and using the SIG Cross or any firearm in Canada. It’s always important to familiarize yourself with local firearms laws and consult with authorities or legal professionals if you have specific questions or concerns.

sig cross canada maintenace

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your SIG Cross canada rifle in good working condition. Here are some maintenance tips specific to the SIG Cross in Canada:

1. Regular Cleaning: After each shooting session, it’s important to clean your SIG Cross thoroughly. Use a cleaning rod, patches, and a bore brush to clean the barrel. Make sure to remove any residue, fouling, or debris that may have accumulated. Clean other components of the rifle, such as the bolt, chamber, and trigger assembly, as well.

2. Lubrication: Apply an appropriate firearm lubricant to the moving parts of the SIG Cross, such as the bolt, bolt carrier, and other contact points. This helps to ensure smooth operation and prevent excessive wear. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication.

3. Inspect and Tighten Fasteners: Regularly inspect all screws, bolts, and fasteners on the rifle to ensure they are tight. Use the appropriate tools, such as a torque wrench, to tighten any loose fasteners. This helps to maintain the integrity of the rifle and prevent any potential issues.

4. Check and Maintain Optics: If your SIG Cross is equipped with optics, regularly inspect and clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check for any signs of damage or misalignment. Ensure that the mounting screws are properly tightened and secure.

5. Stock and Handguard Maintenance: If your SIG Cross has a polymer stock or handguard, clean them with a mild detergent and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents that may damage the polymer. For wood stocks, follow proper maintenance techniques specific to wood furniture.

6. Store Properly: When not in use, store your SIG Cross in a safe and secure location. Consider using a gun safe or lockable storage case to prevent unauthorized access and protect the rifle from damage or theft. Store the rifle in a dry environment to avoid moisture-related issues.

7. Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations: Always refer to the SIG Cross owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. They may have additional recommendations or guidelines for maintaining and caring for your rifle.

It’s important to note that depending on usage, environmental conditions, and other factors, the maintenance requirements may vary. Regular inspection and cleaning are key to maintaining the SIG Cross’s performance and reliability. If you have any specific concerns or questions, it’s advisable to consult the manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith for further guidance.

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