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The MiniDraco, chambered in 7.62x39mm is indeed a phenomenal, yet very specific purpose pistol. It is best used only as a static.

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Mini Draco: Compact Powerhouse Firearm

for Versatile Applications

The Mini Draco is a compact and highly versatile firearm that has gained significant popularity among shooting

enthusiasts and firearms collectors.

With its unique design and formidable performance, the Draco offers a compact yet powerful solution for a variety

of applications.

In this article, we will explore the origins, features, performance, accessories, and legal considerations surrounding

the Mini Draco.

1. Introduction to the Mini Draco

The Mini Draco is a semi-automatic pistol that belongs to the AK-47 family of firearms.

It is renowned for its compact size and exceptional reliability, making it a preferred choice for

those seeking a compact yet powerful firearm.

With its distinct aesthetics and robust construction, the Mini Draco has garnered a strong

following among firearm enthusiasts.Mini Draco

2. History and Origins

The Mini Draco traces its origins back to the renowned AK-47 rifle,

which was developed in the Soviet Union during the mid-20th century.

The AK-47’s legendary reliability and simplicity in design laid the foundation for various derivatives,

including the Mini-Draco.

The firearm was originally manufactured by Cugir in Romania and later imported into the United States.

3. Features and Specifications

Compact Size and Design

The mini drako is characterized by its compact size, typically measuring around 16 inches in overall length.

Its shortened barrel and lack of a shoulder stock contribute to its diminutive form factor,

making it highly maneuverable in tight spaces.

Caliber and Ammunition

Chambered in 7.62x39mm, the MiniDraco offers impressive stopping power.

This caliber is renowned for its versatility, offering a balance between effective range and terminal performance.

It allows the use of various ammunition types, including full metal jacket and hollow point rounds.

Barrel Length and Handguard Options

The Mini Draco features a short barrel, usually around 7.75 inches in length.

This compact barrel provides enhanced portability without sacrificing performance.

Additionally, the firearm may come with various handguard options, allowing users to

customize their Mini Draco to suit their preferences.

Mini Draco

Stock and Grip Variations

As a pistol, the mini drako does not include a shoulder stock.

However, it may feature different grip variations,

such as a polymer pistol grip or an angled forward grip, enhancing ergonomics and control.

4. Performance and Functionality

Accuracy and Range

Despite its compact size, the Mini Draco exhibits commendable accuracy within its effective range.

While it is not designed for long-distance precision shooting,

it excels in close to moderate range engagements.

Recoil and Control

Due to its shorter barrel and the inherent nature of the caliber,

the mini drako exhibits a moderate amount of recoil.

However, with proper grip and technique, users can effectively

manage the recoil and maintain control during rapid-fire scenarios.

Reliability and Durability

Built on the robust AK

platform, the Mini Draco is renowned for its exceptional reliability and durability.

It is designed to withstand harsh conditions and

continue functioning reliably even in adverse environments.

This reliability makes it a trusted companion for those who require a

dependable firearm.

5. Mini Draco Accessories and Upgrades

The Mini Draco offers a range of accessories and upgrade options to enhance its versatility and customization.

These include:

Optics and Sights

Users can equip the Mini Draco with various optics and sights to improve target

acquisition and accuracy.

Red dot sights, holographic sights, and magnified scopes are popular choices

among Mini Draco owners.

Rail Systems and Attachments

The firearm features a Picatinny rail on the dust cover, allowing for the attachment of

accessories such as laser sights,

flashlights, foregrips, and bipods.

These accessories further enhance the firearm’s functionality and adaptability.

Suppressors and Muzzle Devices

Owners of the Mini Draco have the option to install suppressors or muzzle devices to reduce recoil,

muzzle rise, and muzzle flash.

These additions can improve control and mitigate noise levels during shooting sessions.

6. Popular Uses and Applications

The Mini Draco serves various purposes and finds applications in different scenarios.

Some of its popular uses include:

Home Defense

Due to its compact size and maneuverability, the Mini-Draco is well-suited for home defense purposes.

Its reliable performance and firepower provide homeowners with a compact yet effective means

of protecting their property and loved ones.

Tactical Training

Firearms enthusiasts and professionals often utilize the mini drako for tactical training purposes.

Its similarity to the AK-47 platform allows individuals to practice handling and shooting

techniques in a more compact package.

Concealed Carry

While the Draco is larger than traditional concealed carry pistols, some individuals

with the appropriate licenses may choose to carry it concealed.

Its compact size and reliable performance make it a viable option for those who prioritize

firepower in a concealed carry scenario.

7. Legal Considerations

It is crucial to be aware of the legal considerations surrounding the mini drako.

Firearms laws and regulations vary by country, state, and locality.

Before purchasing or owning a Mini Draco, it is essential to understand and comply with

all applicable laws and restrictions.

Consult local authorities or legal experts to ensure compliance.

8. Pros and Cons of the Mini Draco

Like any firearm, the mini drako has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Compact and maneuverable design
  • AK-47 platform reliability
  • Versatility and customization options
  • Adequate stopping power
  • Robust construction and durability


  • Increased recoil compared to larger firearms
  • Limited effective range
  • Potential legal restrictions in some jurisdictions
  • Requires adherence to proper firearm safety and handling practices

9. Conclusion

The Mini Draco is a remarkable compact firearm that offers a potent combination of power,

reliability, and versatility. Its compact size, reliability,

and customizable features make it an appealing choice for a variety of applications.

Whether for home defense, tactical training, or concealed carry,

the Mini Draco provides a formidable solution for those seeking a compact yet powerful firearm.

With its AK-47 lineage and extensive accessory options,

the Mini-Draco continues to capture the interest of firearms enthusiasts worldwide.

However, it is crucial to understand and abide by all applicable laws and regulations when

owning and operating the Mini Draco.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I legally own a Mini-Draco in all states? Firearms laws vary by state and locality.

It is essential to research and comply with the specific laws and regulations in your jurisdiction before owning a Mini Draco.

2. What is the effective range of the Mini-Draco? The Mini-Draco is designed for close to moderate range engagements.

Its effective range typically extends up to 200 yards, but accuracy may vary based on individual skill and ammunition selection.

3. Can I attach a suppressor to the Mini-Draco? Yes, the Mini-Draco can be equipped with a suppressor or other muzzle devices.

However, it is important to follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding suppressor ownership and usage.

4. Is the mini drako suitable for concealed carry? While the Mini-Draco is larger than traditional concealed carry pistols,

it is possible to carry it concealed with the appropriate licenses. However,

it is important to consider factors such as size, weight, and local laws when deciding on a concealed carry firearm.

5. Can I customize the Mini Draco with different accessories? Yes, the Mini-Draco offers a range of customization options.

You can attach various optics, sights, rail systems, and other accessories to tailor the firearm to your preferences and needs.

AK 47 Pistol -Mini Draco-762 x 39, Shorty -draco pistol

  • Mini Draco Semi-Automatic Pistol

    • Romanian Import
    • Barrel 1:10 twist
    • 14×1 LH thread
    • Stamped receiver
    • Accepts all standard AK magazines
    • Comes with one 30 round standard capacity magazine.
    Action Single/Double
    Barrel Length (in / mm) 7.75″
    Caliber 7.62x39mm
    Capacity 30 rds
    OAL 17.5″
    Weight 5.65lbs


    Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering firearms.

Draco Pistol imported from Romania by Armory Anchor.

They do not get any cooler than this little pistol packed with a big punch!! New in box with

1-year factory warranty.

Listing is for Mini Draco Pistol and (1) magazine, other accessories like

pistol brace and clear WBP mag are NOT INCLUDED.

Please Note: If you live in a magazine restricted state we remove the

hi-cap mag and will be glad to substitute with a 10-round mag IF AVAILABLE.

If a 10-round mag is not available we will remove the hi-cap magazine from the shipment.

We cannot ship prohibited magazines to out of state addresses.

There will be no substitutions or discounts offered for removal of mags.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order.

Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

By placing an order with Atlantic Firearms you are acknowledging and agreeing to all

Terms and Conditions outlined in the Terms And Conditions section.


 WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause

cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to –

The Mini-Draco, chambered in 7.62x39mm is indeed a phenomenal, yet very specific purpose pistol.

It is best used only as a static (i.e. residential), personal defense weapon which engages targets at short distances.

At approximately 18” in length, it is a moderately compact amongst other pistols which are chambered in larger calibers,

commonly referred to as “rifle” calibers.

It receives all magazines which would otherwise be used in Ak-47 rifles.

This particular pistol has been outfitted with a Midwest Industries rail, made specifically for the Mini-Draco.

The rail sports what appear to be “heat-transfer” circular divots (or may just be there for decoration)

as well as four rails positioned around each plane of the assembly.

Installation was moderately easy, and the rail assembly has proved paramount over what

has come to be known as the original “hot-dog”

wooden fore-grip which comes stock on the weapon during purchase.

The optic on top of the rail is a Bushnell Red-Dot. Although other manufacturers offer top-dollar red-dot optics,

the Bushnell has proven rugged and reliable, maintaining an extensive battery life with eleven dim settings.

It maintains an approximate 6-MOA hold (1.5” at 25 yards); this is nothing near precise (especially given it 7.62mm chambering)

however for the Close-Quarter Defense purpose of this pistol, this provides superb coverage at near to mid-range

(i.e. 75 yards) distance.

The Laser/Light combo is an Insight Technology AN-PEQ 6. It provides multiple setting variations,

and can be toggled through Visible Light,

Visible Laser, Visible Light-Laser Combo, Infrared Light, Infrared Laser, and Infrared Laser-Light Combo.

Approximate luminescence is 120 Lumen. Typically, I’m an antagonist of laser use on weapon systems.

I believe proper sight picture coupled with muscle memory comprises best practice,

and that absolutely nothing will ever replace this mantra.

Given, however, that this system (in conjunction with a proper sling) is best used in an Israeli Stance

(weapon pushed out with gun hand, pulled back with non-gun hand, and stabilized with sling from shoulder),

a laser seems to only mitigate further shots on target.

The parallax of the Bushnell Optic at arm’s length away from the eye when the Israeli

Stance is fully employed doesn’t particularly facilitate an easily acquired sight-picture via red-dot,

and the typical MINI DRACO Ak-47 iron sights prove no better.

The sight radius of the iron sights is circa six inches.

Although many handguns have a sight radius substantially less than this, the rear sight of the Mini-Draco

is positioned toward the forward aft of the weapon, adding an additional 10 inches to the “Eyeball-Rear Sight” distance.

Imagine punching out to your threat with your carry firearm, then adding an additional ten inches to the tip of your knuckles

at which point the rear sight of your handgun exists. Also, the elevation adjustment on the Mini-Draco proclaims 500 yards; this is futile.

The weapon, even in the hands of a master shooter, is able to successfully and accurately engage

targets at no more than 75 yards. Given, however, that this is a CQ-PDW weapon, little more is necessary.


The Flash Suppressor is a Troy Industries Medieval Flash Suppressor.

Although the fireball is substantial, compared to the stock original cupcake flash suppression,

this model significantly reduces the optic signature of the flash.

The grip is standard Hogue rubberized. I would recommend this not on the basis that it reduces felt recoil

(the recoil with the original “ak-47” grip is still minimal), but that it provides a better purchase of weapon control,

specifically when shooting in modified stances.

The internals of the weapon are similar to an MINI DRACO Ak-47, however a composite block exists behind the bolt group assembly.

As the gas rod is inherently shorter on a Mini-Draco, the bolt group doesn’t require the same recoil distance

as does an MINI DRACO Ak-47. Contrastingly, if the gas rod indeed recoiled the full distance an MINI DRACO Ak-47 rod recoils,

the rod would depart the gas tube and float inside of the receiver; this would instigate a catastrophic failure.


Consequently, should the composite block that prevents this ever fail or disintegrate, the weapon system fails.

This is easily overcome, however, by placing a spring buffer (purchased through various outlets on the internet)

on the recoil spring.

This absorbs all recoil which might occur.


Compact, versatile, easily modified, powerful caliber, reliable, accurate just enough


Dependent on Composite Block, specific after-market parts required, expensive

Total Cost: (All cost are estimates and links go to the manufacture’s website/product page) 


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