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Made in USA
Cartridge:30-30 Winchester

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Product Overview

what is marlin Classic 336

Ruger is proud to announce the release of the Marlin Model 336 Classic. Chambered in .30-30 Win., the Model 336 Classic sports a beautifully finished American black walnut stock and forend. Crisp, clean checkering on both the stock and forend improve the appearance and grip of the rifle. The stock’s black pistol grip cap is inset with a Marlin Horse and Rider medallion and the forend is attached using a barrel band. The alloy steel rifle is richly blued, sports a standard-sized finger lever and has a six-round magazine capacity. The 20.25″ barrel is made of alloy steel and is cold hammer-forged which results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity.

The Marlin Classic 336 is a lever-action rifle renowned for its classic design, reliability, and versatility. Let’s dive into some details about the Marlin Classic 336:

1. Design and Features: The Marlin Classic 336 features a traditional lever-action design, which is not only aesthetically appealing but also provides smooth and reliable cycling of cartridges. It typically has a tubular magazine under the barrel for ammunition storage. The rifle features a walnut stock with checkering for improved grip and may include a curved pistol grip for added comfort during shooting. The 336 is known for having a solid build and a reputation for durability.

2. Chambering: The Marlin Classic 336 is most commonly chambered in .30-30 Winchester, a popular and versatile cartridge that is well-suited for hunting various game, including deer-sized animals. The .30-30 Winchester round is known for its moderate recoil, good range, and effectiveness in brush or close-quarters shooting scenarios.

3. Applications: The Marlin Classic 336 is primarily used for hunting, particularly in brushy or wooded areas where quick follow-up shots may be necessary. It is a favorite among hunters who appreciate the classic lever-action design and the power and effectiveness of the .30-30 Winchester round. The rifle’s inherent reliability and quick cycling make it suitable for maneuvering through dense vegetation.

4. Sight Options: The Marlin Classic 336 often comes with open sights, including a hooded front sight and an adjustable rear sight. This provides an effective sighting system for shorter-range shooting scenarios. Some models may also have provisions for mounting various optics or scopes to enhance accuracy and extend the rifle’s effective range.

5. Legacy and Popularity: The Marlin Classic 336 has gained a reputation as a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-handle rifle. Its classic design and lever-action mechanism have been appreciated by shooters for many decades. The 336 model has been produced since the late 1940s, further emphasizing its time-tested and enduring popularity.

It’s important to note that different variants and special editions of the Marlin Classic 336 may exist, offering additional features or finishes. Detailed specifications and availability may vary, so I recommend referring to the official Marlin Firearms website or contacting Marlin directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

As always, ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership, use, and licensing. Practice safe firearm handling and seek proper training on the operation and maintenance of your specific firearm.

I hope this provides you with valuable information about the Marlin Classic 336! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. Happy shooting! 🎯



  • Receiver, lever and trigger guard plate are CNC machined from alloy steel forgings.
  • Barrel is made of alloy steel and is cold hammer-forged which results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity.
  • Receiver is blued with a satin finish.
  • Adjustable semi-buckhorn sights are great for quick target acquisition.
  • Six-round, tubular magazine with a loading gate located on the receiver.
  • Soft-rubber buttpad effectively absorbs recoil.
  • Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety and traditional half-cock hammer.
  • Reliably feeds a wide range of .30-30 Win. factory ammunition and bullet types.
  • American black walnut stock and forend with Marlin Horse & Rider medallion in grip cap.
  • Sharp checkering provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions.
  • Polished bolt aids smooth cycling.
  • Gold-colored trigger.
  • Also includes: Sling swivel studs, offset hammer spur.

Made In United States of America

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Product Information

Cartridge 30-30 Winchester
Action Type Lever Action
Capacity 6+1 Round
Weight 7.5 Pound
Overall Length 38.625 Inches
Barrel Length 20.25 Inches
Barrel Finish Blued
Twist 1:12
Threaded Muzzle No
Front Sight Bead Front
Rear Sight Semi-Buckhorn Rear, Bead Front
Hand Right
Frame Material Steel
Frame Finish Blued
Youth No
Stock Type Field
Stock Material Wood
Stock Color Walnut
Scope Included No
Magazine Style Tube
Length of Pull 13.38 Inches
Fluting No
Country of Origin United States of America
Safety Crossbolt
Included Mounts No

Delivery Information

Must Ship to FFL Dealer Yes
Shipping Weight 8.000 Pounds


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