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echo trigger

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what is echo trigger

The echo trigger AR-II Trigger is a groundbreaking drop-in design that is approved by the ATF. The Echo AR-II trigger does not come with a bolt carrier. You will need a full auto bolt carrier in your firearm for the Echo AR-II to function. The Echo AR-II is designed to function in the AR-15 Platform. If you have any questions in regards to if you have a full-auto carrier, please visit

The Echo Trigger is a unique firearm accessory that allows for a different shooting experience compared to traditional triggers. It is produced by FosTecH Outdoors and is available for various firearm platforms, including AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. Here’s an overview of the Echo Trigger:

1. Dual-Mode Functionality: The main feature of the Echo Trigger is its dual-mode functionality. In addition to the standard semi-automatic mode found in most firearms, the Echo Trigger has a second mode known as the “echo mode” or “binary mode.” In echo mode, the firearm will fire both when the trigger is pulled and released, effectively allowing for a higher rate of fire.

2. Mechanism and Operation: The Echo Trigger operates using a specific internal mechanism that captures the hammer during the firing process. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer is released, striking the firing pin and discharging a round. Then, when the trigger is released, the captured hammer resets, allowing for another round to be fired upon the next pull of the trigger. This rapid reset enables the echo mode and provides a similar experience to a fully-automatic firearm.

3. Safety and Legal Considerations: It’s important to note that the Echo Trigger, like all firearm accessories, must comply with local laws and regulations. The legality of the Echo Trigger may vary depending on your jurisdiction, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with any relevant restrictions or requirements before purchasing or using one. Additionally, always prioritize safe firearm handling and follow proper safety protocols when using any firearm, including those equipped with the Echo Trigger.

4. Intended Use and Shooting Experience: The Echo Trigger is typically marketed towards experienced shooters and firearm enthusiasts who are looking for a unique shooting experience. The binary mode allows for both rapid semi-automatic fire and increased control over the trigger reset. It can be an exciting and fun accessory for recreational shooting, competitions, or tactical training, but it’s important to use it responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

Are echo triggers legal?

With this in mind, it’s not much of a surprise that binary triggers are legal in the United States.
In March of 2022, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has written an open letter to gun
owners addressing their feelings and procedures regarding binary triggers.


  • Safe Mode: Firearm will not fire.
  • Semi-Automatic Mode: Firearm fires when the trigger is pulled.
  • Echo Mode: Firearm fires when the trigger is pulled and also when the trigger is released.

The Echo Trigger is designed with safety being the utmost priority. When the shooter is in the Echo Mode and depresses the trigger one round is fired, if the target moves, the shooter can move the selector to the safe position and a second-round will not fire upon release.

You will need a full auto bolt carrier in your firearm for the Echo AR-II to function. The Echo AR-II is designed to function in the AR-15 Platform. If you have any questions in regards to if you have a full-auto carrier, please visit



  • Fostech Complete Bolt Carrier Group (Nickel Boron)
  • Fostech Complete Bolt Carrier Group (Black Nitride Coating)
  • Fostech Complete Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group (Nickel Boron)

echo trigger

  • Mil-spec AR15 Lower Reciever
  • Ensure the lower does not have a sear block or other non-mil-spec attributes
  • Must have matching buffer assembly (Both carbine and rifle length will work, but must not be mismatched.
  • Ensure buffer is not solid, sand or captured spring.
  • Must have full-auto bolt M16 cut.
  • H buffer – Ensure that when you shake the buffer, it rattles. Occasionally an echo sport trigger may be required for the Firearm to fire properly.
  • Some lower receivers have a sear-block or wall; the sear wall will prevent the trigger from functioning as designed.  The wall of extra material causes the trigger lock to remain compressed forward and can cause improper fitment of the selector switches.
  • Large trigger pin lower receivers are not compatible. The Echo ARII Trigger uses standard trigger pins. You are welcome to use anti-walk pins if you would like.
  • Most Carbon Fiber or Polymer Lowers have extra supports. Extra supports that get in the way of the trigger pack are not compatible.
  • Some lower receivers may use a set screw, the set screw will need to be removed, as it impedes on the trigger causing improper function.
  • For further questions, feel free to contact FosTecH Echo Department, technical assistance. 812-445-4028 ext. 104.
  • PATENTED Design that gained ATF Approval (Patent # US 8,820,211 B1)
  • PATENTED Technology licensed through Franklin Armory inside the Echo AR-II Trigger, including U.S. Pat. Nos. 9,952,012 and 9,952,013.
  • Technology licensed through HIPERFIRE inside the Echo Trigger
  • Light, clean, and crisp pull in Semi-Automatic Mode
  • The Echo Trigger is packed full of cutting edge technology
  • Reliable function in Echo Mode


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