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cz bren ms


What is Cz Bren 2?

The CZ Bren 2 is a semi-automatic select-fire assault rifle designed and manufactured by Česká zbrojovka (CZ) of the Czech Republic. It is the successor to the CZ 805 BREN and features a modular design, allowing for easy customization and different barrel lengths. It is popular in Canada for its compact design and versatile performance. It is chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO round and features a 16.5 mm barrel. cz bren 2 canada picture

Cz Bren 2 Canada Specifications:

Model Number: 91450
Make: CZ
Model: Bren 2
Caliber: .223REM
Barrel Length: 8 Inch
Color/Finish: Black
Mag Capacity: 5
Type: Rifle
Action: Semi-Auto
Classification: Restricted

cz bren 2 design:

The CZ Bren 2 is a modern military rifle that is highly customizable and adaptable. It features a swappable ambidextrous magazine release, allowing for easy use by both left and right-handed shooters. The rifle also utilizes a carbon fiber reinforced polymer upper and lower receiver, making it lightweight and durable. The CZ Bren 2 has a reciprocating charging handle, meaning it moves back and forth with each shot fired. This feature allows for quick and easy access to the chamber and can be used by both left and right-handed shooters. The rifle also has a folding shoulder stock, making it compact and easy to transport. The magazine release can be found on the side of the firearm, making it easily accessible for quick magazine changes.

The CZ Bren 2 features a 7075 T6 aluminum alloy upper and lower receiver, making it strong and lightweight. This material is commonly used in firearms manufacturing for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The rifle also has a comfortable pistol grip, providing a secure and ergonomic hold for the shooter.

is the cz bren 2 good?

Yes, The CZ Bren 2 canada is highly regarded by military and law enforcement agencies, with many praising its versatility, reliability, and customization options. It has also received positive reviews from civilian shooters for its accuracy and ergonomic design.

what is the barrel life of the cz bren 2?

The CZ Bren 2 canada has a barrel life of approximately 20,000 rounds.

can the cz bren 2 shoot 223?

Yes, the CZ Bren 2 canada can shoot .223 Remington ammunition. It is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, which is the same caliber as .223 Remington.

what is the effective range of the cz bren 2?

The cz bren 2 has an effective range of up to 600 meters.

is the cz bren 2 piston driven?

Yes, the CZ Bren 2 is a piston-driven rifle. This means that instead of using the hot gases from the fired round to cycle the action, it uses a piston system to operate the bolt. This can result in a smoother shooting experience and can also help reduce wear and tear on the rifle.

does the cz bren 2 take ar mags?

Yes, the CZ Bren 2 canada is compatible with AR-15 magazines. This allows for easy access to a wide variety of magazines and ammunition.

does the cz bren 2 replace 805?

The CZ Bren 2 was designed as a replacement for the CZ 805 Bren, which was used by various military and law enforcement agencies.

is the cz bren 2 legal in canada?

Yes, the CZ Bren 2 is legal in Canada. It is a popular and reliable rifle option for Canadian gun owners, known for its compact design and versatile performance.

cz bren 2 canada



30 reviews for Cz Bren 2 Ms 7.62×39 11″

  1. Rivero

    Best 22 rifle ever made in my opinion.

  2. Aguero

    got it. I ran out of places to put new stuff on the first, so I got another one. About the only thing original remaining on them is the receiver, bolt assembly, a few pieces that were not interchangeable and the trigger guard. They are unique, work just like I hoped and one might even be described as “Pretty”. There has been a lot of rounds put through both of them and they can still hold their own against any gopher that puts up a fight.

  3. McMahon

    First, you know you will be the talk of the range when you pull this out, then of course every one realizes it is a 22LR and the talk fades to a small roar, but they still want to shoot it! It is a fun gun that shoots well. I have slung well over 500 rounds thought it and it has performed flawlessly with out fail! Get this gun, it is fun and cheap to shoot!

  4. Jackson

    Well made product. Cheaper to train with than the 9mm with comparable weight. Once this product became available i sold the plastic gsg.

  5. Debose

    I have used this rifle a few times. I have found it accurate and fun to shoot. It is very light to carry and does what I want it to do. Instead of putting a red dot on it I used Magpul flip sights and have not had an issue with it. For the money it is a good firearm and because it folds it can be stored just about anywhere. You can’t go wrong purchasing this rifle.

  6. John flax

    I give this firearm package five stars. The case is well designed, holds the carbine securely with all the included accessories. The carbine is well designed and functions perfectly. Mine shoots tiny little groups off a rest at fifty yards. The picatinny rail is not metal and will mar if you’re not careful. The charging handles reciprocate and can strike your face if you cradle the carbine too close when shooting from different positions. Two safeties and three magazines are a plus. Excellent design & execution

  7. Hardy

    Target work….be certain to clean the bore before shooting….loaded with protective grease… I cleaned and used JB bore cleaner before shooting, clean, shoot and repeat…. gun is very accurate. Mounted a Vortex optic and literally one-hole groups at 20 yds… could use a cheek-riser and gun would be perfect if one were fitted. Trigger should be better for a carbine…lighter

  8. Artis

    I absolutely love this rifle, And am well pleases with its accuracy out of the box.This rifles wood stock, really lusters with a little boiled linseed oil, a little grease, and oil on the working components , reminds me of an era that made America Great, (again. )No plastic b/s here . It’s what a rifle should be to me. Shipping was a synch, Easier , faster than I ever expected , having never ordered a firearm “thru the mail. Midway has the know how to get the job done ,and that’s a hard act to follow in this time we live in . Semper Fidelis and happy birthday , 248 years strong, for the love of God, Country, and the Corp Thank You

  9. Calcote

    Usnbeleivable shooter. Very little recoil. I’m 72, never thought I could shoot iron sights anymore. 100yd 1 1/2- 2inch groups. Serious caliber and it just looks neat. Ammo isn’t cheep but what is? Just ordered a 2nd one. Now if I could find a wood stock mini-14.

  10. Frazier

    The rifle itself is wonderful. The recoil is manageable and the iron sights work well even for someone like myself with 60+ year old eyes. It is just fun to shoot!

  11. Williams

    Wanted a more high end rifle. It was a great choice! Very well made, fit and finish is top notch. Easy shooting, accurate right out of the box. Highly recommend it!

  12. Bennie

    8.8 pounds with Leupold scope, mount and sling. Great versatility, accuracy and reliability!

  13. Lojay

    I’ve on put about 100 rounds down range thus far. Before shooting in replaced the buffer tube for a H2 as recommended by a few other threads and have have no cycling issues on settings 2 & 3. Looking to change out the “Boomer” break cause i definitely got a headache shooting it. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and the fast shipping from Ammofount

  14. Harry kenedy

    waited until six months later to write this review. Admittedly, when I picked it up from my FFL, I was still skeptical because components like the barrel and gas block have very little clearance between them and the handguard. However the Ruger SFAR has proven to very reliable. I had one failure to feed on its first magazine but have not had a malfunction since, and have put at least 800+ rounds through it. It is amazingly light and the recoil is not bad at all. When you get on the trigger fast it does kick a bit but nothing out of the ordinary and easily controllable, it is only a tiny more more “wiggly” than my 308’s in 18 inch and 20 inch barrels (my SFAR is the 16 inch barrel). I’m not a big person at 5’9″ and 125 lbs and have no issues shooting it quickly and accurately. The SFAR is a joy to carry around and more maneuverable than some of my AR-15’s, if you’re on the fence like I was due to the small frame, don’t be concerned, I have many firearms and this is one of the best values considering its low price point. Ammo used has thus far only been 175gr Federal Sierra Matchking or 168gr Hornady Black A-MAX so I cannot speak to how it performs with other ammo but with those two it has been incredible.

  15. Countermine

    All of the online reviews are mostly accurate, incredibly small size (I mean very small, way smaller and lighter than an HBAR AR15), very loud muzzle brake, etc. I was particularly impressed with how well it’s balanced. My 20″ SFAR has a fairly heavy profile barrel but is not muzzle heavy at all and maneuvers and points very quickly. Mine feels very well put together, everything fits as it should and all the controls are crisp. My trigger breaks under 4# with a little bit of creep. One thing that I don’t feel is emphasized enough in the reviews is the amazing lack of recoil. It shoots like a much smaller caliber rifle. Again, mine is the 20″ barrel while all the online reviews that I’ve seen or read are of 16″ barrel SFARs. The 20″ barrel SFAR uses a rifle length gas system and the 16″ SFAR has a mid length gas system. That may account for a difference in recoil, but I don’t know that as a fact. Regardless, mine is very soft shooting. As far as function and accuracy, mine has been flawless. I noticed some failures to feed from the supplied Magpul magazine when I tried Federal 175 gr Gold Medal Match. But when I took a harder look at it, my lot of FGMM is a little on the longer side for overall length. I switched to steel magazines (Duramag & D&H Tactical) and that ammo worked fine. All other ammo that I tried worked fine in the Magpul. Also, I’ve noticed some online reporting regarding the SFAR being hard on brass. Mine leaves a small smear on the FGMM case heads. But I think it depends on the ammo (pressure curve?). I shot some Nosler 175 gr Custom Competition (same bullet weight and velocity as FGMM) and the brass came out looking exactly like it did when I loaded it in the mag. With a 10x scope at 100 yards, mine is sub MOA with FGMM and the Nosler. Overall, I’m very impressed with the SFAR.

  16. Jones

    Gas block was slightly canted and touching the hand guard. I corrected this and it affected the accuracy. Some loads are more accurate with the barrel free floated and others are better with a little hand guard tension. Experiment away. It seems to like M118 75 gr. and PPU 68 gr. match. I have had excellent results with Hornady 110 V-MAX hand loads. 1 MOA is possible with the right combo. I replaced the Boomer brake with a Griffin 2 Port and it works . I never changed the regulator from setting 2. I have fired about 600 rounds of many different brands with only 2 malfunctions. 1failure to fully eject during the first 100 and one stuck in the chamber because of very soft brass. It likes hard brass and is rough on cases. I installed a heavy buffer an noticed improvement. I installed a riser to raise Q.D. optics and protect the receiver. Overall I love it.

  17. Dinaro

    I will be buying more. They are affordable and ultimately reliable. I have red dots on them, and plan to put scopes on the next two.

  18. Christopher

    Everything going well loved the rifle would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  19. Lobdel

    I bought this rifle just before all the madness started, and it wound up exceeding my expectations by far. I just wanted an inexpensive, no-frills, kicker rifle that would get the job done under whatever circumstances. But the M&P Sport II impressed me enough with how it actually performs that I’ve since purchased another. The upper is a standard M4 flattop with D-ring and fixed front sight. The barrel is a government profile (without the M2 cut) in high-chrome steel with a nitrided—eherm, I mean S&W proprietary “Armornite” finished both outside and inside the bore. The 1 in 9″ rifling is not popular, but I’m not sure why; I get better groups with both 55gr M193 and 62gr M855 through my Sport II’s than with a much higher-end 1/8 pencil barrel or a straight milspec 1/7 upper. That said, my sample size is only two rifles, not 10,000, but so far so good. As far as the lower goes, no frills here. A slightly improved GI-style trigger that feels a little less gritty than your average milspec AR trigger group. I liked it enough that I didn’t bother to do a trigger job; it simply doesn’t affect my accuracy at typical 5.56 distances. The lower is also not strictly milspec, as the trigger guard is intrinsic rather than pinned, so no mittens for you. But it is a winter profile, so thick gloves will still work just fine. Buffer tube is milspec. Note also that this rifle is fairly overgassed, so a venting/gas-busting charging handle might be a worthy upgrade for you if you don’t like a face full of GSR (both of mine got a PRI M84). But the overgassing does pay dividends in terms of reliability, especially when dirty or firing garbage steel-cased ammunition. As for the furniture, it’s pretty close to stock M4 but slightly worse — this is one of the biggest cut corners on the rifle. The handguard in particular has no heatshields, so that was a big no from me. Went ahead and replaced all of the furniture with some basic Magpul stuff. All in all, it’s great civilian rifle.

  20. Vernanaem

    This is the best balance of quality and price out there for an AR platform. It’s a great choice for your first. This rifle works flawlessly. It’s also a great start if you want to do upgrades later. A great investment. A++

  21. Earl

    I love this weapon, it’s reliable and accurate for me up to 100yrds. I owned it once before, but had to get rid of it for financial reasons. It’s so good that I bought another one. It’s a greqt weapon for someone getting into AR’s for the first time. Comes with a lifetime maintenance warranty too.

  22. Nathaniel

    shoots great no burps takes any amo I feed it .

  23. Charles

    This rifle is an absolute dream to shoot. Super smooth, near zero recoil and lift. This is my first complete AR purchase, but I have been building them for years. I have a thousand rounds through it so far with mixed ammo and reloads. ZERO issues, no jams. Mine came with flip up sights, case and a P-mag. I put a Sig Tango 1×6×30 on it and that made a really sweet combo. I can’t recommend the St. Victor enough.

  24. Tranzillo

    I’ve built many different platforms over the years and owned some really great carbines. This was my first “out of the box” buy and I am absolutely in love with this rifle. I’ve put over 4,000 rounds through my victor with zero issues and only slight mods that are more preference based then performance based. The brake is amazing and allows for very little recoil but she’s loud….and I mean really loud. Love the gun

  25. Jackson

    This rifle has performed flawlessly. Everything works smoothly and the flat profile trigger is light and surprisingly comfortable. Very nice overall.

  26. Meier

    CZ bren 2 canada rifle is the best there is really good price and fast shipping from Ammofount

  27. Carruthers

    This rifle is extremely first rate. Being trained on the AR, I wasn’t sure about the transition.

  28. Zoller

    Wanted to put enough rounds down range before writing a review. To date have fired over 2,500 rounds of 55, 62 and 77 gr 556 ammo. The gun has performed flawlessly. Best accuracy was achieved with 77 gr: 1 inch groups at 100 yds, 3-4 inch groups at 200 yds using a red dot and 5X magnifier. Recoil is similar to AR15, maybe just a bit more. The trigger safety selector and mag release are located like an AR15 but the bolt release is in front of the magwell. Lots of practice and the bullpup configuration becomes second nature to operate. The gun is well balanced, very comfortable to shoulder, enjoyable to shoot and feels like it’s built like a tank. It’s also nearly as short as an SBR without needing a tax stamp. For CQB out to 200-250 yds, I like this gun better than my AR15’s. It’s priced at a high end AR15 but Ammofount delivers and you get your moneys worth.

  29. Dilmore

    What can I say? It is the Cadillac of bullpups.

  30. Lorid

    had great accuracy out of the box. Breakdown for cleaning is very simple. Accuracy was good right out of the box with the flip-up sights. My only negative is that I am 5-11 and had to really get in close to get a sight picture. In other words, the Tavor is a bit too short for me. But it is a trade-off given how compact it is. Overall a good buy.

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