CZ 600 TRAIL Bolt-Action Rifle

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Cz 600 trail canada 16″ Threaded Barrel 223 Rem Bolt Action Rifle

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cz 600 trail

CZ 600 Trail canada

what is cz 600 trail?

The CZ 600 Trail is a modern sporting rifle, known for its compact size, high levels of accuracy, and versatility for various shooting activities. It features a bolt action, AR-style safety selector, and a cold hammer forged barrel for durability and precision. The rifle also has a telescopic stock and additional mounting points for customization and comfort. It is compatible with CZ P-09 pistols and uses AR magazines for easy reloading.

cz 600 trail canada design:

The CZ 600 Trail canada is a compact bolt action rifle that features a unique lok slots system for easy customization. This system allows for the attachment of various accessories, such as scopes, lights, and grips, to enhance the rifle’s performance. The CZ 600 Trail is also compatible with the CZ P-09 pistol, allowing for a seamless transition between firearms for shooters who prefer both a rifle and a pistol for their activities. The CZ 600 Trail has a pull weight of around 3.5 pounds, making it a smooth and easy-to-use rifle. Its pistol grip also features interchangeable backstraps, allowing shooters to customize the grip to their hand size and preference. Additionally, the rifle has long picatinny rails, providing ample space for the attachment of accessories, such as scopes and lights, for enhanced performance and versatility.

The CZ 600 Trail is a modern sporting rifle, designed for both recreational and competitive shooting. It is a compact rifle, making it suitable for various shooting environments and activities. The rifle also has a twist rate of 1:10, meaning the rifling in the barrel makes one complete revolution every 10 inches. This twist rate is ideal for accuracy and stability when firing various types of ammunition. The CZ 600 Trail has additional mounting points for accessories, such as flashlights and lasers, allowing for further customization and versatility. It is a bolt action rifle, meaning the shooter must manually operate the bolt to load and eject cartridges, providing a more controlled and accurate shooting experience. Additionally, the rifle has a telescopic stock, allowing for adjustment to fit the shooter’s body and preference.

The CZ 600 Trail is known for its high levels of accuracy, despite its compact size. It is capable of shooting tight groups at various distances, making it a popular choice for precision shooting. The rifle also uses AR magazines, providing a wide range of options for ammunition and ease of reloading. Additionally, the CZ 600 Trail canada has an aluminum receiver, making it lightweight yet durable for use in various shooting environments.

The CZ 600 Trail features an AR-style safety selector, making it familiar and easy to use for those accustomed to AR-style rifles. It also has a cold hammer forged barrel, which is known for its durability and precision. This type of barrel is created by using a high-pressure forging process, resulting in a stronger and more accurate barrel compared to traditional methods.

Cz 600 trail canada

cz 600 trail specifications:

Calibre Barrel
of Twist
16.22″ 27.1″
(35″ fully
1 in 7″ 5 6.17 lb.


34 reviews for CZ 600 TRAIL Bolt-Action Rifle

  1. Liakss

    This gun is a blast for plinking and rodent control, it is a lot of fun but you have to be careful, you can blow through a brick of ammo in no time at all! This would be a great first gun for anyone. My only complaint would be there isn’t mounting points for a sling, but those are easy enough to install.

  2. Napoli

    this rifle has no cons. it is build well, it looks great, it is accurate, affordable and most important of all its fun to shoot. i have many expensive guns, but if i ever just want to have a good day at the range,

  3. Marina

    You can’t go wrong with this rifle. I have always wanted one and thanks to Ammofount I am a proud owner. You can immediately feel the quality.

  4. Joseph

    Ammofount was fantastic in helping me order a Henry rifle. This is not the only CZ 600 I have either. my children and now grand children are learning how to handle and fire accurately a fire arm. Cz 600 rifles have been the best training rifles to use. Take your time, breathe, and squeeze the trigger. All have done well learning how to shoot accurately!

  5. Reid

    I was a little disappointed when I got the gun because it has an alloy receiver. The specs listed by Midway state that the frame is steel. So this is on Midway not Henry. Other than that the rifle is good quality. The Walnut is plain on mine but any kind of wood beats plastic. I bought this gun for a plinker. I like the rifle length and the fact that it will feed .22 shorts. I expect to have this one till I go to the grave.

  6. Robert

    My conclusion is: The balance & weight of the rifles are very similar. I don’t feel a significant difference between the rifles. I use the same Williams Brand peep sight on both. The difference in barrel length should make a difference, but it does not seem to affect my scores. The difference in the two barrel lengths is evident when I get tired and wobble a bit. A small wobble with the 24″ may cause a 2″ miss. The same wobble with the 20″ may cause a 6″ miss. If I had a scope on the rifles I doubt I’d notice any difference. For hunting I suggest the 20″ for target shooting I suggest the 24″. But if the 20″ is offered at a lower price then the 24″- it would be hard to pass up.

  7. Robert

    I’ve put about 40 rounds through it so far at the indoor range and its a power house. The second time that I took it to the range I kept having issues with the magazine tube not pushing the cartridges back far enough, but Henry said “we got you fam” and sent me a replacement. Pros: Buttery smooth action Fiber optic sights Pic rail MLOK slots in the fore end Cons: Magazine Tube was binding causing rounds to not get on the lifter properly Sling options are a bit limited because it uses sling studs rather than loops Overall: Its a great tool for hunting and practicing at the range.

  8. Herbert

    At 50 yards I evened all three dots and used the top of the front sight to aim at the center using the top of the bullseye of the target. I had been relatively close to being zeroed before, but I finished the job today. I’m impressed. I shot about 5 groups of 3, at 50 yards, and found myself with 2 of the 3 in the bullseye and one just left of the bullseye on the same elevation as the other 2. This after being pretty close a couple of times before. Zeroed. Done. Tonight I moved out to 106 yards. This is what I experienced. I shot 2 groups of 3. One at the bullseye. POI was 6-7″ low on the target, 2″ left. I adjusted and aimed for top of the target, approximately 6-8″ high. All 3 POI on the bullseye level, 1 in the bullseye, 2 were 2″ left. Essentially, my zero was confirmed at 60 yards for these results at 106 yards. So in theory the bullet drop is 6-8″ at 106 yards. Remember, I’m not using a scope or red dot. My eyes, stock sights. I’m very impressed with how this rifle shoots right out of the box. Some minor adjustments, done getting used to the sights and it’s a 100 yard shooter. Little to no recoil. Bought Henry Picatinny rail. IMO it sits too high and makes the for sit really low in the red dot glass. Disappointed. Don’t waste your money. Get a direct mount for a red dot. Or stick with the iron sights. I hope this helps anybody that buys a .45 Colt. Remember, you CANNOT use .45 ACP rounds in this rifle. Be safe. Please.

  9. Wayne

    pouring out the rounds instead of cycling them thru the action is makes it very convenient and safe. The action is smooth, with no failure to feed or eject rounds. Trigger pull is a crisp 5 pounds with no creep. I have long arms, so the 14 inch length of pull is welcome compared to my Marlins 13.5 inch length of pull. I have not yet taken advantage of the M-lok or Picatinny rail yet. Took 2 deer with this rifle with no issues. This is my new favorite deer rifle. If you are in the market for a deer rifle, I strongly encourage you to give this rifle a careful look.

  10. Dale

    I was impressed with the smoothness of the action and the comb on the stock was just right for me using the medium height rings on the scope. One thing I have learned with the 22 mag is to make allowances for the wind (especially at 100 yds and beyond)

  11. Ray

    This rifle is a quality built rifle and the action is very smooth and flawless.

  12. Mccullough

    Just got er in a few days ago an run some 38 special,no recoil !beautiful stainless steel , Wood to metal fit very good ! The 24 inch sight plain makes it easy to hit what ya want to hit an the swing on a running target is very fluid because your balancing that 24 inch barrel on the go !First loading was alittle rough through the gate but run about 50 an it started to load quicker but be ready to pinch your fingers on the first few loads,I’ve got the big brother as well in 44 mag an it was the same at the start ! Both rifles have beautiful red wood stocks the 357 being a little darker than the 44 mag Definitely recommend too buy if your into lever guns

  13. Norwood

    After some initial problems with getting the FFL shipping straightened out the rifle was shipped quickly and arrived in a couple of days. This is a beautiful rifle. The stainless-steel barrel and overall finish is impressive. There were a couple of light scuff marks on the receiver and at the muzzle end of the barrel, but they were hardly noticeable unless you looked closely. The action is smooth, not real smooth but out of the box pretty good. You can expect this to improve after cycling the action a while or you can have a gunsmith improve it. The loading gate spring is really tough but hopefully with use it will get better as well. The wood fit and finish was outstanding. I am not sure of what kind of wood it is, but it has a reddish color which contrasts nicely with the stainless steel. This is a rifle that has a different look than your blue steel lever actions and is unusual. I have always wanted a stainless-steel lever action and this rifle does not disappoint. The sights are standard but a really nice touch especially for aging eyes is the white dot on the front sight. Because of this target acquisition is fantastic. I have yet to take it to the range but will write another review on its performance. Based on what I see I’m pretty sure its going to be a lot of fun.

  14. Rivero

    Good shooting rifle no misfires or jams using various ammo, 250 rounds no problems. Action was tight at first with 6 pound trigger pull out of the box. Disassembled rifle and smoothed the action with 400 grit and installed spring kit from Steve’s Gunz watched his Rossi 92 advice video, great tips. Installed a Marble Arms tang sight and a Lyman globe sight on the front. This gun now is 2.5 lb. trigger butter smooth one finger action and very accurate up to 100 yards so far. Get a lot of complements at the gun range, looks like a original Winchester. 38 Specials are very nice to shoot no kick at all. Fun Gun.

  15. McMahon

    Took Rossi 92 to the range and was amazed at how light the recoil was with 38 special, recoil like a 22.Action was very tight with no malfunction and rifle shot well. Completely disassembled, did a deep clean and buffed rough spots with 400 grit to smooth up the action and rough edges.Now its like butter, one finger lever action. Installed “Steve’s Gunz”spring kit for action and trigger went from 6.5 lbs. to a 2.5 lb. worth the money. Installed Lyman front globe sight and a adjustable Marble Arms rear tang sight from Midway. I am now shooting 4” groups at 100 yards with iron sights, best my old eyes will do, 25 and 50 yards bullseye. This gun is a absolute pleasure to shoot in both 357 Magnum and 38 Special. Would make a nice deer rifle and small game . I get a lot of compliments at the shooting range, on how well it shoots and looks like the original Winchester 92. A Lot of Fun to Shoot!

  16. Jackson

    Now the Brass is beautiful, but just keep a polish cloth handy if finger prints get on your nerves and I’m sure they will especially when it’s brand new. The longer you let the finger prints linger, the harder you’ll need to polish them off. Just a PSA for y’all. It’s a stunning Rifle that shoots great, looks great, feels great. Little heavy with the 20″ octagon barrel, but I’m ok with that. The lettering is brass color filled too just like the octagon golden boy 22. Excellent rifle with a 1:20″ twist barrel.

  17. Debose

    Excellent off hand accuracy and reliable feeding of cartridges…side gate works well, but also appreciate front tube loading capability. Beautiful rifle with attractive wood and fit and finish.

  18. Flax

    The service was great. The rifle was accurate out of the box. The side gate needs a little bit of use to make it better for my small hands. But overall an amazing rifle . I am a regular guy who has a regular job. No compensation was received nor will be accepted for this review.

  19. Hardy

    I literally just brought this model home from my local Gun shop. I have to say that I am rather impressed with my initial thoughts on this rifle. I’ve not shot it yet, and will update afterwards on how it shoots. But fit and finish of this rifle is pretty amazing, the synthetic stock is fine but it’s pretty lightweight and hollow, so I think I will be upgrading the stock with a nice dark wooden stock. Other than that I cannot find any issues off hand on this rifle. Fit and finish is top notch, everything put together nice,tight, and true. The bore looks absolutely AMAZING, it has a mirror finish with very clean cut rifling, has good threads cut onto the muzzle, they are smooth, it has what I believe a Williams rear ghost ring sight mounted onto the picatinny rail and the sights are straight and true to the barrel/gun. The action is relatively smooth cycling and doesn’t bind up at all, all I have to say is, if this thing shoots as good as it looks out of box? This rifle will be a home run in my opinion. It’s a nice and short Gun so will be perfect for brush, or quick maneuvering. It’s also made by ROSSI in the ROSSI factory for citadel. I mean it’s a 92 clone with some modern tactical features added, you really can’t go wrong with a lever action model 92…IMO. AGAIN ONCE I GET SOME 44 MAG AMMO LOADED UP AND TAKE THIS TO THE RANGE, I WILL POST ANOTHER REVIEW. This is just my open box initial review…and so far so good, very pleased thus far. And pretty much all reviews on the YT site have been pretty good.

  20. Shanae

    Excellent craftsmanship. Not one loose part, very smooth action. Shot slightly low and left, but easily fixed it within a few shots. Absolute tack driver. I sighted it in at 50 yards but I know I could reach out far beyond that with a scope. Great groups from prone supported position.

  21. Frazier

    Made well,Solid,Shoots great,Great value for the money in today’s world.

  22. Williamson

    Great quality rifle. I’ve shot quite a few groundhogs with it already. I’ve fed it CCI quiets, shorts, and high velocity hollow points. I like having the extra few rounds in the magazine when using the shorts. Even the high velocity ammo seems quieter with the 24″ barrel. I love it!

  23. Bennie

    rifles have the smoothest lever operation I have ever used. This rifle has tremendous accuracy and is a great gift for grandkids. I would recommend a Henry rifle for everyone, from grandpa to grandkids!

  24. Loyal

    Just a lot of fun to shoot. Simple no frills, solid

  25. Harry

    The workmanship of this rifle is beyond my expectations. The action is very smooth and the accuracy is certainly better than my ability to shoot with open sights. I will certainly consider again for future purchases..

  26. Jones

    Have both the 20 inch and 24 inch bbl version of these rifles. Octagon bbl which adds a little weight, but acts like a bull bbl for heat resilience. Wonderfully accurate.My old eyes are not what they used to be, so i need optics for over 25 yds. Stock/forearm are wonderfully finished dark American Walnut. Action is silky smooth. Superb fit and finish all over. You pay a bit more for the Frontier models, but the classic ‘old west’ style is what I like. Will I buy another Henry? It’s like eating potato chips.. once you have one, you have to have more. Worth the extra cost over such things as the savage mk2 and marlin xt.. both good rifles, I have one of each of those too

  27. Dinaro

    Use it for plinking and small game. Fun gun to use.

  28. Christopher

    hunting target Gun is heaver than I expected. Expensive to add a scope. {picatinny rail}

  29. Lobdel

    I have loaded and shot several magazine fully loaded without a single failure to feed. accuracy at 60 yds. is great. Riddled a beer can. haven’t shot any further than 60 yds. yet

  30. Vanaernem

    Beautiful well made American gun so very proud to own!

  31. Earl

    Rabbits and prairie dog hunting awesome gun

  32. Nathalie

    Best 22 I ever bought beautiful workmanship functions very well Shoots Great very accurate enjoying it a lot

  33. Charles smalley

    I collect .22 rimfire lever rifles, all famous brands and models including Winchester 9422, Browning BL22, Henry Golden Boy, and Marlin 39As. I am a manufacturing engineer who has built precision missle, aircraft and aerospace products for over 25 years. I bought a Henry Golden boy model H004 lever gun because of my examination of it at the local gun store. When I got home, I took it apart to see if the internal workmanship equaled the outside apparent quality. I found 100% perfection in the machining, the working mechanical parts fit & finish of the moving parts. Not one flaw anywhere makes me able to say that the quality equals the quality of the precision military parts I used to manufacture. The overall quality of the Henry H004 Golden Boy equals the quality of the now ‘out-of-production’ of the Winchester 9422 lever rifle which is flawlessly perfect in all respects.

  34. Tranzillo

    Haven’t shot it yet!

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