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chiapper Little Badger Folding Rifle (Blued) 22LR/16.5″BBL


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Title: Chiappa Little Badger: Unleash Your Adventure with this Compact and Versatile Survival Rifle

chiappa little badger pictureDiscover the Chiappa Little Badger, a compact and versatile survival rifle designed to excel in outdoor adventures. From camping and hiking to emergency preparedness, the Little Badger offers portability, reliability, and customization options. Learn more about this exceptional rifle and how it can enhance your outdoor experiences.


When it comes to compact and versatile survival rifles, the Chiappa Little Badger stands out as a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed with portability, reliability, and customization in mind, the Little Badger is a reliable companion for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. This SEO content will provide an overview of the Chiappa Little Badger, highlighting its outstanding features, applications, and why it should be your go-to survival rifle for your outdoor adventures.

Compact and Lightweight:

The Chiappa Little Badger excels in its compact and lightweight design. Its foldable wire stock and overall small profile make it highly portable, allowing you to easily carry it in a backpack or store it in tight spaces. This compactness makes it an ideal choice for hikers, campers, and survivalists who value mobility and convenience.

Versatility in Caliber Options:

One notable advantage of the Little Badger is its versatility in caliber options. It is available in various chamberings, including .22 LR, .22 WMR, and 17 HMR. This versatility allows shooters to choose the caliber that suits their needs, whether it’s for small game hunting, target shooting, or plinking. The ability to switch calibers makes the Little Badger a versatile tool that can adapt to different shooting scenarios.

Customization Potential:

The Chiappa Little Badger offers ample customization potential, allowing shooters to tailor the rifle to their preferences and specific needs. The Picatinny rail on top of the receiver provides a platform for adding optics or accessories such as scopes, red dot sights, or lasers. Additionally, the rifle features M-Lok slots on the forend, enabling the attachment of accessories like bipods, lights, or sling mounts. This customization capability ensures that you can optimize the Little Badger to suit your shooting style and requirements.

Reliability and Simplicity:

The Little Badger is built with reliability and simplicity in mind. Its break-action design and single-shot operation make it easy to use and maintain. The absence of complex mechanisms reduces the chances of malfunctions, ensuring reliable functionality when you need it most. The rifle’s rugged construction and quality materials contribute to its durability, allowing it to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.

Emergency Preparedness:

The Chiappa Little Badger is an excellent choice for emergency preparedness. Its compactness and lightweight nature make it easily portable during evacuation situations. The ability to fold the wire stock further enhances its compactness and storage capabilities. Whether it’s for self-defense, hunting small game for sustenance, or signaling for help, the Little Badger offers a reliable tool to assist in emergency situations.


The Little Badger is known for its affordability, making it accessible to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. Its competitive price point ensures that you can acquire a reliable survival rifle without breaking the bank. This affordability makes the Little Badger an excellent option for budget-conscious individuals who still want a high-quality and dependable firearm.


For outdoor enthusiasts seeking a compact, versatile, and reliable survival rifle, the Chiappa Little Badger is an exceptional choice. Its compact and lightweight design, versatility in caliber options, customization potential, reliability, and affordability make it a top-tier option for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness. Embrace the capabilities of the Little Badger and unleash your adventure with confidence, knowing you have a dependable companion by your side.

chiappa little badger specifications

SKU: 500.092
Menu Type: Rifles
Caliber: 22 LR
Action: Break Open (Folding)
Barrel length: 16.5” (419 mm)
Capacity: 1 Round
Feed In: Manual
Trigger System: Single
Stock: Wire Steel
Fore End: Quad Picatinny
Rear Sight: M1 Style, Adjustable
Safety: None (Hammer Half Cock)
velocity: 1:16 Twist Rate
Total Length: 31” (787 mm)
Material: Alloy Frame, Steel Barrel
Net Weight: 2.9
Finishing: Blued
Extraction: Extractor
Ships Loose: Manual + Backpack w/ Logo
Ean/Upc: 8053670710290
Note: 1/2 x 28 Threaded Barrel

advantages of chiappa little badger

The Chiappa Little Badger offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. Here are some key advantages of the Chiappa Little Badger:

1. Compact and Lightweight: The Little Badger is designed to be highly portable. Its compact size and foldable wire stock allow for easy storage and transportation, making it an excellent choice for hikers, campers, and those on the move. Its lightweight build ensures minimal strain on the user, enhancing mobility and reducing fatigue during extended outdoor adventures.

2. Versatile Caliber Options: The Little Badger is available in various caliber options, including .22 LR, .22 WMR, and 17 HMR. This versatility allows shooters to choose the caliber that best suits their needs, whether it’s for small game hunting, target shooting, or plinking. The ability to switch between calibers provides flexibility and adaptability for different shooting scenarios.

3. Customization Potential: The Little Badger offers customization options to enhance its functionality and suit individual preferences. The Picatinny rail on top of the receiver allows for the attachment of optics or accessories like scopes, red dot sights, or lasers. The M-Lok slots on the forend enable the addition of accessories such as bipods, lights, or sling mounts. This customization capability allows shooters to optimize the rifle to their specific requirements and shooting style.

4. Simple and Reliable Design: The Little Badger features a break-action design and operates as a single-shot rifle. Its simplicity of operation minimizes the risk of malfunctions and ensures reliable functionality. The absence of complex mechanisms also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Its rugged construction and quality materials contribute to its durability, making it a dependable companion in challenging outdoor environments.

5. Emergency Preparedness: The Little Badger is well-suited for emergency preparedness. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport during evacuation situations. The rifle can be quickly deployed when needed, providing a reliable tool for self-defense, hunting small game for sustenance, or signaling for help. Its versatility and simplicity make it an ideal firearm for emergency scenarios.

6. Affordability: The Little Badger is known for its affordability, making it accessible to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. Despite its competitive price point, it still delivers reliable performance and quality craftsmanship. This affordability makes it an excellent option for those on a budget who desire a dependable survival rifle without compromising on functionality.

7. Fun and Recreational Shooting: Alongside its practical applications, the Little Badger is also enjoyable for recreational shooting. Its lightweight design and ease of use make it suitable for beginners and experienced shooters alike. Whether you’re plinking at targets or engaging in informal shooting competitions, the Little Badger offers a fun and engaging shooting experience.

In summary, the Chiappa Little Badger offers advantages such as compactness, lightweight portability, versatile caliber options, customization potential, simplicity, reliability, emergency preparedness capabilities, affordability, and recreational enjoyment. These advantages make the Little Badger a highly versatile and practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and anyone seeking a compact and reliable rifle for various shooting activities.

disadvantages of chiappa little badger

The Chiappa Little Badger is a compact and lightweight survival rifle with a unique design. While it has its advantages, it also has a few potential disadvantages:

1. Limited Caliber Options: The Little Badger is chambered in .22 LR, .22 WMR, and 17 HMR, which are all rimfire cartridges. These cartridges are generally less powerful compared to centerfire cartridges used in larger rifles. While suitable for small game hunting and plinking, they may not be ideal for larger game or self-defense purposes. The limited caliber options may restrict the rifle’s versatility in certain scenarios.

2. Limited Capacity: The Little Badger features a single-shot capacity, meaning it can only hold and fire one round at a time. This can be a disadvantage in situations where quick follow-up shots are necessary or when facing multiple targets. Reloading after each shot can be time-consuming and may not be practical in some shooting scenarios.

3. Lack of Ergonomics: The Little Badger has a minimalist design, which means it lacks many of the ergonomic features found in conventional rifles. It has a simple wire stock and lacks a traditional pistol grip or adjustable cheek rest. This can make it less comfortable to shoot for extended periods or for individuals with specific ergonomic preferences.

4. Limited Accessories and Optics Mounting Options: The Little Badger has limited options for mounting accessories such as optics, lights, or slings. It lacks a Picatinny or M-Lok rail system, which can limit customization and accessory compatibility. The absence of readily available mounting options may make it challenging to attach additional equipment to enhance the rifle’s functionality.

5. Recoil and Muzzle Blast: Due to its lightweight design, the Little Badger may have more noticeable recoil and muzzle blast compared to heavier rifles. This can affect shooting comfort and potentially impact accuracy, especially for inexperienced or recoil-sensitive shooters.

6. Reliability and Durability Concerns: Some users have reported reliability issues with the Little Badger, such as misfires or feeding problems. While not a universal problem, it is worth considering the potential for reliability concerns when choosing this rifle. Additionally, the lightweight and simplified construction of the rifle may raise questions about its long-term durability and ability to withstand rough handling or adverse environmental conditions.

It’s important to note that the disadvantages mentioned above are not absolute drawbacks for everyone. Some shooters may find the Little Badger’s simplicity and lightweight nature appealing for specific purposes or shooting preferences. As with any firearm, it’s advisable to handle and test the rifle before making a decision to ensure it meets your specific needs and expectations.

 reported reliability issues with the Little Badger

While the Chiappa Little Badger has gained popularity for its unique design and compactness, there have been some reported reliability issues in the past. It’s important to note that individual experiences can vary, and not all users may encounter these problems. However, it’s worth considering these reported concerns when evaluating the rifle.

Some users have reported occasional misfires or failures to fire when using the Little Badger. This means that when the trigger is pulled, the round does not ignite and the firearm does not discharge. Such malfunctions can be frustrating and may require additional manipulation or troubleshooting to resolve.

Another reported issue is feeding problems. Some users have experienced difficulties with the rifle’s extractor or chambering mechanism, resulting in failures to properly load cartridges from the magazine or chamber. These issues can impede the smooth operation of the rifle, requiring manual intervention to clear the malfunction.

In addition to misfires and feeding problems, there have been occasional reports of other reliability concerns, including issues with the rifle’s bolt or firing pin. These issues can affect the overall reliability and performance of the firearm, potentially leading to malfunctions or stoppages during use.

It’s worth noting that these reported reliability issues are not universally experienced by all Little Badger owners. Some users have had positive experiences with the rifle, finding it reliable and functioning without any problems. However, it’s advisable to be aware of these reported concerns and consider them when making a purchasing decision.

If you are considering purchasing a Little Badger, it may be helpful to read customer reviews, seek opinions from other owners, and conduct thorough research to get a comprehensive understanding of the rifle’s reliability track record. Additionally, testing the specific rifle you intend to purchase before making a final decision can provide firsthand insight into its functionality and reliability.

What steps can I take to minimize the chances of encountering reliability issues with the Little Badger?

While reliability issues can occur with any firearm, including the Chiappa Little Badger, there are several steps you can take to minimize the chances of encountering such problems:

1. Thoroughly Clean and Lubricate: Before using the Little Badger, make sure to clean it thoroughly and apply an appropriate lubricant. This helps ensure smooth operation and can minimize the chances of malfunctions caused by dirt, debris, or insufficient lubrication.

2. Use High-Quality Ammunition: The choice of ammunition can have an impact on the reliability of any firearm. Opt for reputable and high-quality ammunition from trusted manufacturers. Avoid using old or damaged rounds, as they may increase the likelihood of misfires or feeding issues.

3. Follow Proper Maintenance Practices: Regular maintenance is crucial for the reliable functioning of any firearm. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance intervals. Pay attention to the condition of critical components such as the extractor, firing pin, and chamber, and address any signs of wear or damage promptly.

4. Test Different Ammunition Brands: While the Little Badger may function well with certain ammunition brands, it’s worth experimenting with different brands and loads to find the most reliable and compatible options for your rifle. Some firearms can be more sensitive to specific ammunition types, so testing various options can help identify the most reliable choice.

5. Practice Proper Shooting Technique: Consistent and proper shooting technique can contribute to reliable firearm operation. Ensure you have a firm grip on the rifle, maintain proper shoulder contact, and apply consistent trigger control. Avoid limp-wristing or other shooting errors that may affect the cycling and functioning of the firearm.

6. Seek Professional Assistance: If you encounter persistent reliability issues with your Little Badger, it may be beneficial to seek the assistance of a qualified gunsmith or Chiappa’s customer support. They can inspect the rifle, diagnose any underlying issues, and provide appropriate solutions or repairs.

Remember, while taking these steps can help minimize the chances of encountering reliability issues, they do not guarantee flawless performance. Regular maintenance, proper ammunition selection, and adherence to best practices can significantly enhance the reliability of your firearm, including the Chiappa Little Badger.


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