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7mm STW  ammo (Shooting Times Westerner) is a powerful cartridge that is popular among long-range hunters and competitive shooters.

It is based on the 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge and offers increased velocity and energy compared to other 7mm cartridges.

This cartridge, chambered in 7mm STW, is equipped with a 140-grain projectile that is perfectly suited for long-distance shooting.

The bullet’s boat tail design greatly improves its ballistic coefficient, providing greater downrange velocity and reducing sensitivity to crosswinds.

Its pointed soft point design offers excellent aerodynamics, allowing it to cut through the air with ease.

But this bullet’s true strength lies in its exposed, softcore, which causes rapid expansion upon impact,

making it ideal for taking down distant games.

The 7mm STW ammo is capable of reaching velocities of up to 3,000 feet per second with a 140 grain bullet,

making it ideal for long-range shooting and taking down large game. It is also known for its accuracy and low recoil,

making it a favorite among competitive shooters.

When it comes to ammo options, there are a variety of manufacturers that produce 7mm STW ammunition.

Some popular brands include Federal Premium, Hornady, and Nosler.

These manufacturers offer a range of bullet weights and styles, including boat-tail, soft-point, and polymer-tipped options.

When choosing 7mm stw ammo 140 grain, it’s important to consider the intended use.

For long-range hunting, a heavier bullet with a high ballistic coefficient (BC) is recommended to maintain stability and energy at longer distances.

For competitive shooting, a lighter bullet with a lower BC may be preferred for faster muzzle velocity and reduced recoil.

Overall, the 7mm STW ammo is a versatile cartridge that offers a great balance of power, accuracy, and low recoil for both hunting and competitive shooting.

Whether you’re taking down big game at long-range or competing in a precision shooting event, the 7mm STW is a great choice.

The 7mm STW Ammo is a caliber of ammunition specifically designed for hunting.

🔷 It has a high muzzle velocity, superior accuracy, and phenomenal knock-down power.

This makes it an ideal choice for long-range shooting and big-game hunting.

➡️ It has several features that make it stand out from other calibers.

  • 💥 These heavier bullets allow for better penetration and terminal performance, while their higher muzzle velocity gives them more reach.
  • 💥 This ammo is also well-suited for reloading because of its uniform bullet size and consistent powder charge.
  • 💥 It has a flatter trajectory than other rifle cartridges. This makes it easier to properly aim at long distances, giving you greater accuracy with fewer misses.
  • 💥 Additionally, its relatively low recoil makes it comfortable to shoot even with larger rifles.

7mm stw ammo

Advantages of 7mm stw ammo

7mm STW Ammo offers several benefits for hunters and shooters.

  • 🔰 It is an incredibly versatile round, allowing you to use it in a variety of hunting applications from small game to larger animals, such as deer and elk.
  • 🔰 It has a higher muzzle velocity than other popular rounds like the .30-06, making it ideal for long-range shooting.
  • 🔰 The 7mm STW also offers excellent accuracy with minimal recoil, allowing for more comfortable shooting experiences.
  • 🔰 Finally, the increased sectional density gives this round better penetration power than most other cartridges on the mark.

Product Overview on 7mm stw ammo for sale

Nosler Trophy Grade ammunition is high quality, production-run ammunition manufactured to strict tolerances and inspected as it is hand-packaged.

Trophy Grade features Nosler Custom brass and the dependable, high performing bullets you know and trust.

Partition Bullets feature a fully tapered jacket that ruptures instantly at the thin jacket mouth,

yet the gradual thickening along the bullet’s axis controls expansion and curls the jacket uniformly outward at high or low velocities.

Nosler’s integral partition supports the expanded mushroom and retains the rear lead alloy core.

The enclosed rear core retains more than half the original bullet weight for deep penetration.

The special crimp locks in the rear core section, adding strength to resist deformation under the pressure of heavy magnums.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Product Information

Cartridge 7mm STW
Grain Weight 140 Grains
Quantity 40 Round
Muzzle Velocity 3300 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 3384 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point
Bullet Brand And Model Nosler Partition
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.434
Sectional Density 0.248
Velocity Rating Supersonic

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.500 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes

Ballistic Performance of 7mm stw ammo 💡

The 7mm STW ammo is a powerful, long-range round that has gained popularity among hunters and target shooters over the years.

  • 🔥 It is capable of delivering exceptional ballistic performance due to its high muzzle velocity and relatively flat trajectory.

✅ Ballistics is an important factor when selecting a cartridge, as they determine how well rounds penetrate targets,

maintain their energy downrange, and reach their intended target accurately. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 🛟 Muzzle Velocity: This is one of the most important measures of any cartridge, and the 7mm STW has a muzzle velocity of 3,200 feet per second.
  • This is faster than many other popular cartridges in this caliber range, making it a great choice for long-range shooting.
  • 🛟 Penetration: This ammo has excellent penetration capabilities due to its large diameter and high velocity.
  • It can penetrate heavy hide and bone with ease, making it an ideal choice for big game hunting.

Ballistics of 7mm STW

This top-of-the-line cartridge is loaded with the most advanced all-range hunting bullet available, making it a great choice for any hunter.

Combined with the streamlined secant ogive and AMP bullet jackets, this makes for a supremely accurate bullet with a high BC.

And because it retains its velocity and expands rapidly, it’s ideal for taking down larger game animals. So don’t settle for anything less than the best

– order the 7mm STW – 162 Grain ELD-X from Hornady Precision Hunter today!


  • Heat shield tip resists the effects of aerodynamic heating
  • Boat tail design
  • 50% weight retention at higher velocities
  • 85-90% retained weight on low-velocity impacts


  • Higher price
  • Limited availability

What is the best ammo for the 7mm STW?

Some of the best bullets are: Nosler Partition, E-Tip, AccuBond and AccuBond LR; Hornady InterBond and GMX;
Barnes TSX and TTSX; Federal Trophy Bonded Tip; Swift Scirocco II and A-Frame; Woodleigh Weldcore; and Speer Grand Slam.

The 7mm STW ammo – 140 Grain PSP BT –

PCI from American manufacturer PCI is a unique and hard-to-find round that is perfect for taking down large game animals.

The reloadable brass casing is fitted with a non-corrosive Boxer primer and causes maximum damage to the target.

The reloadable brass casing and non-corrosive Boxer primer make this a reliable and long-lasting round that you can count on in any situation.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, the 7mm STW – 140 Grain PSP BT – PCI is an ideal choice for your next hunt.


  • Boat tail design markedly improves the ballistic coefficient
  • Greater velocity downrange
  • Sleek, streamlined profile
  • Exposed, softcore will cause rapid expansion
  • Bullet Drop 🎯

    The 7mm STW ammo is a popular hunting round. It was designed in the early 1980s by Layne Simpson and has become increasingly popular among hunters due to its excellent ballistics.

    • 💣 It produces approximate muzzle velocities of 2950 – 3100 fps with a wide range of bullet weights depending on cartridge construction.
    • 💣 This creates an effective bullet drop for distances between 100 – 300 yards when using standard loads.

    📝 For longer ranges, heavier bullets should be considered as they will have less drop over longer distances than regular-weight projectiles.

    📝 Additionally, hand-loads and custom match-grade ammunition can also be used to tailor your shooting needs depending on the desired accuracy at extended ranges.

    7mm STW bullet drop

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    Conclusion 😊

    The 7mm STW ammo is a great choice for hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts looking for dependable performance with reliable, accurate loads.

  • While there are many brands and models available on the market today,
  • careful research can help you make an informed decision that will provide satisfactory results at a reasonable price point.
  • We hope this guide has helped navigate the different options out there and that you have gained some useful insights about this ammunition
  • . Happy shooting! 😎🎯

What is 7mm STW ammo?

The 7mm Shooting Times Westerner, sometimes referred to as the 7mm STW began as a wildcat rifle cartridge developed by Layne Simpson in 1979
. It is an 8mm Remington Magnum case that has been “necked down” (narrowing the case opening) by 1 mm to accept 7 mm (. 284 in) bullets.

What is 7mm STW used for?

The 7mm STW is able to drive 175-180 grain bullets between 3100 and 3200fps.
Ideal for light to medium weight game, reaching its limits but adequate for Elk sized game where long range hunting is a consideration.
Clean kills can be produced as far as 1100 yards.

What does STW mean for bullets?

Is the 7mm STW (Shooting Times Westerner) a viable caliber/load/round/cartridge for elk hunting? The accurate answer is “it depends”.
However, the goal of this article is simply to address the question of whether the 7mm STW (Shooting Times Westerner) is within the ideal range of suitable calibers to harvest elk.

What are the advantages of a 7mm stw ammo?

Generally speaking, the 7mm is loaded with bullets with higher ballistic coefficients,
which allows it to shoot flatter and maintain velocity at longer distances.
That 200-fps advantage at the muzzle can turn into 500 fps at long range, which translates to a significant difference in knock-down power.

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