500 Rounds of .300 AAC Blackout Ammo by Magtech – 200gr FMJ


Subsonic ammunition is very fun to use, and it has a lot of applications. It’s great for training where you wouldn’t like to intrude on your neighbors’ peace and quiet — for example, if you’re sharing a cabin with your grandma during a family reunion, you don’t want to rattle her too much before she decides which of her grandsons is her favorite. It’s also perfect for training new shooters with, as its lack of a supersonic crack will cause them not to learn to reflexively flinch when they fire. Finally, it’s stellar for hunting, as it’s less likely to reveal your position to your game.


This 300 AAC Blackout round by Magtech features a 1,050 fps muzzle velocity, which is safely below the supersonic threshold. It’s not ideal for hunting owing to its 200 grain full metal jacket projectile, but it’s still able to penetrate targets admirably and it also prevents the rapid accumulation of lead residue in your bore. Its brass casing and non-corrosive Boxer primer are perfect for handloading, so you’ll be able to try your hand at making your own subsonic ammo once you’ve exhausted this supply



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