50 Rounds of 7.62x38mm Nagant Ammo by Prvi Partizan – 98gr FMJFN


As one of the largest and oldest manufacturers in Europe, Prvi Partizan has supplied munitions to Serbian government and police forces as well as many other countries across the world. Producing more than 400 different kinds of rifle, pistol and small arms ammunition, PPU is one of the largest manufacturing companies of its kind in the world. With a legacy of quality spanning more than 90 years, PPU continues to be at the forefront of ammunition technology.

The 7.62x38mmR round was originally designed for use in the Russian Nagant M1895 revolver, and is unique because the cartridges crimp is above the bullet. It was chosen to simplify barrel making in Russia, so they could use the same tooling as its bigger brother the 7.62x54mmR. The PPU 7.62 MM Nagant is loaded with a 98- grain full flat point jacketed bullet, in boxer primed, noncorrosive reloadable brass casings. Each box of PPU 7.62mmR Nagant contains 50 rounds.



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