50 Rounds of .44 Mag Ammo by Magtech – 240gr FMJ FN


The 44 Magnum is by no means a peashooter — that’s a lot of power at your fingertips, which means you’ve got to do a little extra work to learn how to harness it correctly. For that job, you need ammo exactly like this by Magtech: well-made, high performing, and perhaps most importantly priced to let you think about your pistol instead of your bank account.

This round has a 240 grain projectile, full metal jacketed to be economical, feed easily in a semi-auto, and prevent the lead accumulation in a pistol’s bore that quickly drains accuracy. The bullet’s meplat is nice and flat, so it works like a wadcutter to punch a clean hole through a paper target, but it feeds more reliably in a semi-auto than a wadcutter ever could. If you’ve got a semi-auto and a revolver, this is good ammo for both of them.


Magtech’s brass casings are the pinnacle of uniformity, as able to feed and extract efficiently as they are to seat a bullet flat. The Brazilian powerhouse’s primers and propellant deliver clean and consistent ignition. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid Magtech up until this point, this box of cartridges will reveal to you why they’ve become a range standard throughout the world.



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