5 Rounds of 20ga Ammo by Federal – 3/4 ounce Rifled Slug


A very straightforward hunting round for your 20 gauge shotgun, designed for bigger game. This rifled slug is a ¾ ounce payload in the 2 ¾” shell, with a 1600 feet per second muzzle velocity. It offers a potent delivery vehicle for hunting with your 20 gauge shotgun on game like deer. The size and shell makeup, deliver a strong hunting option for moderate and large game, with a high base, and performance out to beyond 40 yards.


Federal Ammunition has been a major producer of 20 gauge shells for decades and offers one of the more complete lines of shotgun loads for that segment of the market. The reputation Federal has for producing high quality and reliable shotshells is virtually unmatched. The production volume Federal has also allows you to get a good bulk cost on shotshells because they are such a large producer. The economy of scale works in your favor as a result.


If your chosen shotgun is the 20 gauge, this load is a very good choice for hunting moderate and large game but also for home defense as the potent slug is both accurate and heavy hitting. It allows you a bit more flexibility on engagement distance, but it will have the potential for overpenetration with the massive projectile and the very high velocity



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