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450 bushmaster ammo

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what is 450 bushmaster ammo

The .450 Bushmaster ammunition is a relatively new cartridge developed by Tim LeGendre of LeMag Firearms and later licensed to Bushmaster Firearms International. It was designed as a big-bore cartridge for hunting large game at short to medium ranges. The .450 Bushmaster is known for its stopping power and ability to take down large animals such as deer, hogs, and even bears. It has gained popularity among hunters who prefer a powerful, yet compact, rifle for their hunting needs.

adavantages of 450 bushmaster ammo

The .450 Bushmaster ammunition features a straight-walled case with a large diameter, allowing for a heavier bullet and increased stopping power. It typically fires a .452 caliber bullet weighing between 250 and 300 grains. This combination of a heavy bullet and high velocity results in excellent terminal performance and deep penetration.

The cartridge was specifically designed for use in AR-15 style rifles, making it a versatile option for hunters who already own this type of firearm. It offers a significant increase in power compared to traditional hunting cartridges like the .223 Remington or .308 Winchester, while still maintaining a relatively compact size.

The .450 Bushmaster has become popular among hunters in states with restrictions on the use of bottlenecked cartridges for hunting, as it meets the requirements for straight-walled ammunition. Its ability to take down large game at short to medium ranges makes it particularly well-suited for hunting in dense brush or thickly wooded areas.

Overall, the .450 Bushmaster ammunition provides hunters with a powerful and effective option for taking down large animals. Its combination of stopping power, versatility, and compatibility with AR-15 rifles has made it a favorite among many hunters seeking a compact yet potent hunting cartridge.

disadvantages of 450 bushmaster ammo

One disadvantage of .450 Bushmaster ammunition is its limited range. Due to its heavy bullet and high velocity, the trajectory of the round tends to drop significantly at longer distances. This makes it less suitable for long-range shooting or hunting in open areas where shots may need to be taken at extended ranges.

Additionally, the .450 Bushmaster cartridge generates significant recoil. The combination of a heavy bullet and high velocity can result in a strong kick when fired, which may be uncomfortable for some shooters, particularly those with smaller frames or less experience with powerful firearms.

Another disadvantage is the cost of ammunition. The .450 Bushmaster cartridge is typically more expensive than other common hunting cartridges, such as the .223 Remington or .308 Winchester. This can make it less affordable for hunters who shoot frequently or engage in extended hunting trips.

Lastly, the availability of .450 Bushmaster ammunition may be limited compared to more common hunting cartridges. While its popularity has been increasing, it may still be more challenging to find this specific type of ammunition compared to other calibers that have been on the market for a longer period of time.

applications of 450 bushmaster ammo

history of 450 bushmaster ammo

who invented 450 bushmaster ammo

is 450 bushmaster ammo good for hunting

This 450 bushmaster ammo called Hornady BLACK ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns.

Loaded with legendary Hornady bullets, Hornady BLACK ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of platforms.

Direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, unsuppressed, inertia, bolt, pump, supersonic, subsonic, rifle, mid-length, carbine or pistol

– Hornady BLACK ammunition delivers superior performance for a variety of applications.


  • High Quality Cases, Primers and Propellant
  • Versatile Hornady bullet options
  • Optimized performance from various platforms

Made In United States of America

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California
to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


This ammunition  makes use of . 452 in. bullets because the lower impact velocities and energies would not adequately expand the heavier jacketed .


Product Information

Cartridge 450 Bushmaster
Grain Weight 250 Grains
Quantity 20 Round
Muzzle Velocity 2200 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 2686 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Polymer Tip
Bullet Brand And Model Hornady FTX
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.21
Sectional Density 0.175
Test Barrel Length 20 Inches
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Country of Origin United States of America
450 Bushmaster  ammo was created to be a hunting cartridge for deer, hog, elk, and other medium-sized game.
Another bonus for this cartridge is it is a straight wall cartridge so it can be used in states where hunting with necked cartridges is illegal
Not long-range ballistics but the hefty bullet has plenty of punch for any North American big-game animal inside of 200 yards.
I figured the phenomenal accuracy and minimal recoil from my Bushmaster should make this an ideal bear rifle for fall hunting.
The . 450 Bushmaster is an outstanding cartridge for deer hunting and many of the big ammunition
companies make special lines of ammo designed specifically for hunting whitetail deer.
Federal’s Non-Typical Whitetail is another great example of some high quality ammo for deer hunters.
ABSOLUTELY IT WILL. It will kill 98% of anything that walks planet earth! Also a good brush bullet,
as it doesn’t splinter/fragment. It’s a 20 gauge size massive bullet, moving at a good fast velocity in a rifle=plenty of foot lbs.
Ballistically, the . 450 Bushmaster has a rather flat trajectory out to 200 yards;
if the firearm is zeroed at 150 yards, the user can expect to see a rise of 1.8 inches at 100 yards,
zero at 150 yards, and a drop of 4.9 inches at 200 yards.
450 Bushmaster shoots a 250- or 260-grain bullet at about 2,200 fps and will drop a deer with no problem,
As you can see, there’s quite a bit of overlap between the two cartridges in terms of energy and trajectory.
 The 450 Bushmaster handily outperforms the old “Trapdoor Springfield safe” 45-70 Core Lokt load, but can’t
quite reach the performance of the higher octane 45-70 LEVERevolution load.

provided the hunter puts the bullet where it should go.

Given these parameters, the 30-06 will have a free recoil of 24 foot-pounds compared to 27 foot-pounds for the 450 Bushmaster.
To put these numbers into context, both rounds have roughly the same recoil as a 1 oz. 12 gauge shotgun slug.
Really though, 450 Bushmaster is basically in the exact same boat as 50 Beowulf and . 458 SOCOM. They are all basically the same ballistically, they all have basically the same amount of ammo per magazine, they all cost basically the same, and more or less have the same issues.
Even with a heavier bullet, such as the Hornady 178 gr ELD-X, the 308 still outpaces the 450 Bushmaster 
with 2,600 fps and 2,672 ft-lbs of force. In terms of muzzle velocity and muzzle energy, the 308 clearly dominates for all factory loads.

What is 450 bushmaster ammo:

the 450 Bushmaster cartridge essentially duplicates the performance of the outstanding 45-70 Government

cartridge with the added benefit of fitting in an AR-15 platform and meeting the legal requirements some states

have for hunting deer with straight walled rifle cartridges. Not surprisingly, the cartridge is now very popular

and many companies like Barnes, Buffalo Bore, Federal Premium, Hornady, Remington, and Winchester produce several different variants of

450 Bushmaster ammo for hunting deer, feral hogs, and other big game animals.

Originally designed by Tim LeGendre of LeMag Firearms as the .45 Professional,

Bushmaster Firearms International collaborated with Hornady in bringing the project to market as the .450 Bushmaster under license from LeGendre.

The new straight walled cartridge functions in the AR-15 platform and, pushing

a .452″ 250-grain bullet at 2,200 feet per second (2,686 ft-lbs of energy), delivers bone

crushing performance out of an easy to handle semi-auto rifle.

While the cartridge excels at hunting big game at short and medium range,

it quickly drops off in performance as range increases due to the low muzzle velocities

and low BC bullets used by the cartridge. In addition to having lots of bullet drop out past 150 yards, the cartridge is only available in a handful of bullet weights and recoil can be pretty stout as well.

These are all important factors that need to be taken into consideration. For these reasons,

the cartridge is best suited for a few pretty specific hunting situations.

First, it’s a great choice for those who need a straight wall cartridge for deer hunting in states like Iowa,

Ohio, on public land in Indiana, and certain parts of southern Michigan.

It’s also an excellent cartridge for hunters who want hard hitting performance at short range using a big bore AR platform.

The .450 Bushmaster is not limited to those situations though and plenty of hunters all over North America use it for hunting a wide variety of game.

Note that the .450 Bushmaster is a big step down in performance compared to many other big bore cartridges

like the 458 Win Mag and 458 Lott and there’s a big difference between what those cartridges will do and

what the 450 Bushmaster is best suited for, especially when hunting dangerous and/or much larger game.

In fact, though it is technically still a .45 caliber cartridge, the .450 Bushmaster uses .452 caliber bullets

that are the same diameter as the pistol bullets used by cartridges like the .45 Colt, .454 Casull, and .460 S&W instead of .458 caliber bullets used by the .45-70, .458 Win Mag, and .458 Lott.

That said, it will definitely work on bigger and tougher game under the right circumstances though. J

ust be sure to use appropriate ammunition (which we’ll get to shortly) and keep your ranges short if you

want to use the 450 Bushmaster for hunting elk, black bear, or moose.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of 450 Bushmaster factory loads specifically designed for just about

every conceivable big game hunting situation. So, regardless of whether you’re using a bolt action Ruger American Ranch,

a Ruger Scout Rifle, a Savage 110, a single shot Ruger No. 1, a semi-auto Ruger AR-556, or one of the other many

.450 Bushmaster rifles in production, there is pretty much guaranteed to be something for everyone on the

list below of the best 450 Bushmaster ammunition for hunting.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you the best 450 Bushmaster ammo for hunting deer, feral hogs,

black bear and other big game and I’ll also go over the pros and cons of each individual load.

The 450 Bushmaster was designed for big game hunting within 250 yards and it does this extremely well.

However, the 450 is constricted to this effective range, as its inefficient bullet design hemorrhages velocity and energy quickly as it leaves the barrel.

As we’ve seen in the previous sections, the 308 is superior in every ballistic category.

It has a longer effective range, maintains velocity and energy further, resists wind drift more effectively and penetrates deeper.

And this begs the question, is the 450 Bushmaster even needed as a hunting cartridge? And the answer is unequivocally “Yes!”

Many hunters are constrained by hunting regulations that require the use of straight-walled cartridges for centerfire rifles.

Otherwise, these hunters would be limited to the use of muzzleloaders or shotgun slugs.

The 450 Bushmaster, and other straight-walled cartridges like the 350 Legend and 50 Beowulf,

offer hunters a legal option in their respective states for using their centerfire rifles for hunting.

Although the 450 Bushmaster is ballistically inferior to the 308, it is an extremely powerful round within 250 yards that is extremely devastating on large game animals.

Furthermore, rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster, particularly an AR-15 with a 16-18” barrel length,

will be lighter and more maneuverable than an AR-10 chambered in 308.

A pound or so might not feel make all that much difference when you’re shooting at the range on sandbags,

but when you have to carry that rifle all day in the woods through thick brush, those extra pounds add up quick!

The 450 Bushmaster offers hunters a lightweight, compact hunting rifle option that packs a huge punch at short distances.

High quality factory ammo can produce MOA to sub-MOA levels of accuracy, making the 450 Bushmaster an

excellent option for hunters in cartridge-restrictive states like Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio.

However, understanding the restrictions of the 450 Bushmaster is key to success when it comes deer hunting.

If you plan on taking shots outside of 250 yards, you will need something more powerful like a 308.


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    The base, body and neck of Lapua brass have been designed to maintain exact tolerances over multiple reloading cycles. Advanced metallurgical research and manufacturing techniques ensure that our cases are leaders in uniformity and quality.

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    Don’t let the lower price on these rounds full you. I have uses many of these rounds with zero issues and I have gotten some of my best groupings with this ammo.

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    I use this ammo all the time, among with many other brands as well. We have a shooting camp for kids. The waxy feel is normal and used by many manufacturers and it causes no issues. 22 guns need to be cleaned often to avoid build up. This is great ammo when you can get it.

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