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Title: Mastering Long-Range Shooting with the 300 RUM: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering long-range shooting with the 300 rum Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) cartridge. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or new to long-range precision shooting, this article will provide you with valuable insights and techniques to optimize your shooting performance with the .300 RUM. Let’s dive in!

The 300 Rum canada Ammo is a .30 caliber rifle cartridge created by Roy Weatherby in 1944 and produced by Weatherby. It has become the most popular of all the Weatherby cartridges.


  1. Understanding the 300 RUM:
  • Learn about the history, specifications, and ballistics of the .300 RUM cartridge.
  • Explore its advantages, such as high velocity, long-range capabilities, and terminal performance.
  • Understand the importance of selecting the right bullet weight and design for different shooting scenarios.
  1. Optics and Scopes:
  • Discover the significance of choosing the right optics and scopes for long-range shooting.
  • Learn about magnification, reticle options, and turret systems for precise adjustments.
  • Understand the concept of parallax and its impact on accuracy.
  1. Ballistics and Trajectory:
  • Dive into the science of ballistics and trajectory for the .300 RUM.
  • Explore factors that affect bullet flight, including muzzle velocity, bullet drop, wind drift, and atmospheric conditions.
  • Learn how to calculate and compensate for these factors using ballistic calculators and charts.
  1. Rifle Selection and Setup:
  • Understand the key considerations when selecting a rifle chambered in .300 RUM.
  • Explore features like barrel length, twist rate, and action type for optimal performance.
  • Learn about stock selection, recoil management, and the importance of a proper rifle fit.
  1. Ammunition Selection:
  • Discover the various ammunition options available for the .300 RUM.
  • Understand the importance of bullet selection, including bullet construction, ballistic coefficient (BC), and terminal performance.
  • Learn how to evaluate and choose the right ammunition for your shooting needs.
  1. Shooting Techniques and Fundamentals:
  • Master the essential shooting fundamentals, including body position, breath control, trigger control, and follow-through.
  • Explore techniques for establishing a solid shooting platform and managing recoil effectively.
  • Learn how to read wind and make windage adjustments to achieve accurate shots.
  1. Range Estimation and Shot Placement:
  • Develop skills in estimating range accurately using various methods and tools.
  • Understand the importance of shot placement for ethical and effective long-range hunting.
  • Learn about vital zones on game animals and how to adjust for bullet drop at different distances.
  1. Practice and Training:
  • Discover effective practice drills and training methods to improve your shooting skills.
  • Learn how to set up a dedicated long-range shooting range or utilize existing facilities.
  • Understand the importance of data collection and maintaining a shooting log for future reference.


For the.300 Weatherby, Roy Weatherby drew on his prior experience with bespoke cartridges like the.270 Weatherby Magnum. This cartridge, like most of his others, is based on a.300 H&H Magnum case that has been blown out and features the distinctive Weatherby double-radius shoulder. Both the Weatherby and the.300 Winchester Magnum were initially offered to the public in 1944 and 1963, respectively.

Rifles in this caliber have been made by Remington, Winchester, and Ruger in recent years, and factory loads are available from most major ammunition producers.


Although Weatherby formerly said that their.30-378 Weatherby Magnum was the most powerful.30 caliber magnum rifle on the market, the introduction of the.300 Remington Ultra Magnum and the.300 Norma Magnum have both proven them wrong. There are, of course, several very huge wildcat.300 rum ammo.

However, there is a distinction in factory loadings for the.300 RUM and the ultra mag ammo 300 rum. In order to facilitate in-store comparisons, performance information is typically published on the side of the ammo box. Typically, Weatherby factory ammunition has higher chamber pressures than Remington or Winchester magnum cartridges. Because of its superior potential when handloaded to comparable pressures, the Remington round easily outguns the.300 Weatherby.

The300 rum ammo in stock is a popular choice among big-game hunters around the world.

300 rum ammo



Nosler Trophy Grade ammunition is high quality, production-run ammunition manufactured to strict tolerances and inspected as it is hand-packaged. Trophy Grade features Nosler Custom brass and the dependable, high performing bullets you know and trust.

This Trophy Grade ammunition is loaded with Nosler’s AccuBond bonded core bullet. Through a proprietary bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core, AccuBond marries Nosler’s traditional copper-alloy jacket with its special lead-alloy core. The result is a bullet that flies true, penetrates deep, won’t cause extensive barrel fouling, and will retain 60-70% of its weight. The white polymer tip helps protect against deformation while initiating expansion upon impact.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
Cartridge 300 Remington Ultra Magnum
Grain Weight 180 Grains
Quantity 50 Round
Muzzle Velocity 3250 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 4220 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Bonded Polymer Tip
Bullet Brand And Model Nosler AccuBond
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.507
Sectional Density 0.271
Velocity Rating Supersonic


Shipping Weight 1.750 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes

300 rum history

The 300 rum (Remington Ultra Magnum) cartridge was introduced by Remington Arms Company in 1999. It was developed as an ultra-powerful rifle cartridge designed for long-range shooting and hunting applications. The .300 RUM was based on the .404 Jeffery case, which was necked down to accept .308-inch bullets.

Remington designed the 300 RUM to offer shooters and hunters a cartridge that could deliver exceptional performance at extended distances. The goal was to create a cartridge that could effectively take down medium to large game, such as elk and moose, at long ranges.

The .300 RUM quickly gained popularity among long-range shooting enthusiasts and hunters who appreciated its high velocity, flat trajectory, and excellent terminal performance. With its large case capacity and ability to handle heavy bullet weights, the .300 RUM became known for its exceptional long-range accuracy and energy retention.

The cartridge’s powerful nature also meant that it generated significant recoil, requiring shooters to use proper shooting techniques and recoil management strategies. However, for those who could handle the recoil, the .300 RUM offered a versatile and effective option for long-range shooting and hunting.

Since its introduction, the .300 RUM has been adopted by various rifle manufacturers, and a wide range of rifles chambered in this cartridge have become available on the market. Additionally, ammunition manufacturers offer a variety of loads for the .300 RUM, providing shooters with options in bullet weights, designs, and velocities to suit their specific shooting needs.

Overall, the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum has established itself as a potent and respected cartridge in the world of long-range shooting and hunting, offering impressive ballistics and performance for those who seek to engage targets or take down game at extended distances.

300 rum canada video


300 rum conclusion

Mastering long-range shooting with the .300 RUM requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and practice. By understanding the ballistics, selecting the right equipment, and honing your shooting techniques, you can achieve remarkable accuracy and success with this powerful cartridge. Remember to prioritize safety, follow local regulations, and always practice responsible shooting. Happy shooting and good luck on your long-range adventures!


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