220 Swift


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220 Swift

The 220 Swift cartridge is a highly regarded and versatile option among avid shooters and hunters. Renowned for its exceptional velocity and flat trajectory, the 220 Swift has earned a well-deserved reputation as a top choice for long-range varmint hunting and target shooting.

220 Swift overview

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The 220 Swift is a high-velocity rifle cartridge known for its exceptional flat trajectory and long-range capabilities. Here are some key details about the .220 Swift:
1. Cartridge Specifications: The .220 Swift has a bullet diameter of .224 inches (5.7 mm) and a case length of 2.210 inches (56.1 mm). It is a bottlenecked cartridge, meaning the case neck is narrower than the base. The standard bullet weight ranges from 40 grains to 55 grains, with velocities exceeding 4,000 feet per second (1,200 meters per second).
2. Velocity and Flat Trajectory: The .220 Swift is renowned for its high velocity, which contributes to its flat trajectory and excellent long-range performance. It was one of the first commercial cartridges designed specifically for achieving high velocities. Muzzle velocities can exceed 4,000 feet per second (1,200 meters per second), making it one of the fastest commercially available cartridges.
3. Accuracy and Precision: The .220 Swift is capable of exceptional accuracy, particularly at longer distances. The combination of high velocity, flat trajectory, and quality ammunition can result in precise shot placement, making it a popular choice for varmint hunting and long-range target shooting.
4. Varmint and Predator Hunting: The .220 Swift is well-suited for varmint and predator hunting. Its high velocity, coupled with the appropriate bullet selection, provides excellent terminal performance on small to medium-sized game at extended ranges. The flat trajectory and minimal wind drift make it easier to connect with targets at longer distances.
5. Reloading Considerations: Reloading for the .220 Swift requires attention to detail due to its high velocities and pressure levels. It is essential to follow proper reloading practices, including using appropriate powders, primers, and bullet seating depths, to ensure safety and optimize performance. Reloaders often experiment with different bullet weights and powder charges to find the best combination for their specific rifle and shooting preferences.
6. Availability and Rifle Selection: While the popularity of the .220 Swift has waned over the years, it is still commercially available, and ammunition can be found from various manufacturers. However, the selection may not be as extensive as for more commonly used cartridges. Bolt-action rifles, such as those from Remington, Ruger, and Savage, have been chambered in .220 Swift.
7. Considerations: The high velocity and flat trajectory of the .220 Swift come with a few considerations. The cartridge generates significant recoil, which may be a factor to consider, particularly for shooters who are sensitive to recoil. Additionally, the high velocity can lead to increased barrel wear, so regular maintenance and monitoring of barrel condition are important.

faqs on 220 swift

  1. Is the .220 Swift still popular?
    The popularity of the .220 Swift has diminished over time, as newer cartridges have gained prominence. However, it still retains a dedicated following among varmint hunters and long-range shooters who appreciate its high velocity and flat trajectory.
  2. What is the effective range of the .220 Swift?
    The effective range of the .220 Swift depends on various factors, including bullet selection, barrel length, and shooting conditions. Generally, it is considered effective for varmint hunting and target shooting out to ranges of 400 to 600 yards and sometimes beyond.
  3. Is the .220 Swift suitable for hunting larger game?
    The .220 Swift is primarily designed for varmint hunting and is not typically recommended for larger game due to its lightweight bullets. While it may be used for small or thin-skinned game, it may lack the necessary bullet mass and penetration for larger game animals.
  4. Can I use the .220 Swift for target shooting?
    Yes, the .220 Swift can be used for target shooting, especially in disciplines where flat trajectory and long-range accuracy are desired. Its high velocity and minimal bullet drop make it suitable for precision shooting at extended distances.
  5. Are rifles chambered in .220 Swift still available?
    While the availability of rifles chambered in .220 Swift may be more limited compared to more popular cartridges, there are still manufacturers offering rifles in this chambering. Companies like Savage, Ruger, and Remington have produced rifles chambered in .220 Swift.
  6. Can I reload .220 Swift ammunition?
    Yes, reloading .220 Swift ammunition is possible. However, it requires proper knowledge, equipment, and attention to detail due to the cartridge’s high velocities and pressure levels. Reloaders can experiment with different bullet weights and powder charges to optimize performance for their specific rifle and shooting preferences.
  7. How does the recoil of the .220 Swift compare to other cartridges?
    The .220 Swift generates significant recoil due to its high velocities and lightweight bullets. Recoil can be sharper compared to cartridges with lower velocities and heavier bullets. Shooters sensitive to recoil or those who prefer milder recoil may find the .220 Swift to be more challenging to manage.
  8. What are some alternative cartridges to the .220 Swift?
    If you’re considering alternatives to the .220 Swift, cartridges like the .22-250 Remington, .223 Remington, and .243 Winchester offer similar performance characteristics for varmint hunting and long-range shooting.


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