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What is 22 tcm brass

The 22 TCM brass is based on the 5.56×45mm NATO case, shortened so that the shoulder is at approximately the same length as a .38 Super cartridge. The cartridge is designed to feed from a Para-Ordnance-style double-column .38 Super magazine. Get the best self-defense round on the market when you buy this pistol ammunition today.

The .22 TCM (Tuason Craig Magnum) is a relatively new cartridge developed by Armscor/Rock Island Armory. Here’s some information about .22 TCM brass:

1. Cartridge Design: The .22 TCM cartridge is based on the .223 Remington case, necked down to accept a .22 caliber bullet. The goal was to create a high-velocity cartridge with manageable recoil for pistols. It boasts impressive muzzle velocities, making it suitable for both pistol and rifle platforms.

2. Brass Characteristics: .22 TCM brass has similar dimensions to the .223 Remington, but with a slightly expanded neck to accommodate the .22 caliber bullet. It has a case length of 1.162 inches (29.51mm) and operates at high pressures to achieve the desired velocity. The brass is typically boxer-primed and reloadable.

3. Availability and Sources: .22 TCM brass and factory-loaded ammunition are primarily produced by Armscor/Rock Island Armory, the company behind the cartridge’s development. They offer both loaded ammunition and unprimed brass cases for handloaders. It’s worth noting that due to its niche status, the availability of .22 TCM brass may be more limited compared to more mainstream cartridges.

4. Reloading Considerations: Reloading .22 TCM brass follows similar procedures to reloading bottleneck rifle cartridges. It’s important to ensure proper case preparation, seating primers to the correct depth, selecting the appropriate powder charge, and seating the bullet to the desired overall length. As always, consult reloading manuals and follow safe reloading practices when reloading .22 TCM brass.

5. Firearm Compatibility: The .22 TCM cartridge was initially developed for Rock Island Armory’s 1911-style pistols chambered in .22 TCM. However, other firearm manufacturers have also adopted the cartridge for their platforms. For example, Rock Island Armory offers rifle models specifically chambered in .22 TCM. It’s essential to ensure that your firearm is chambered for .22 TCM before using or reloading this cartridge.


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